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Prices for a Brown Bear / Grizzly Bear Hunt

The average cost of a brown bear hunt ranges from $7,500, up to $28,000 for a trophy Kodiak bear a multi-day hunt, as well as Arctic Grizzlies in Alaska and the Yukon. The final total depends on the size of the bear, rifle or bow hunt, trophy fee, number of days, taxidermy fees, accommodations, amenities and other services available.

Grizzly / Brown Bear Hunting Season

Check the state for specific dates, regulations and requirements.

Trophy Coastal Brown Bear Hunts

Male Brown Bear make impressive trophies, reaching heights ranging from 10 feet to almost 11 feet tall, weigh between 1,200 and 1,400 pounds and have a Boone and Crocket (B&C) score rating of at least 27″+ for males. These magnificent animals have large, powerful bodies with huge paws, claws, teeth and exquisite fur pelts.

Physical Characteristics

The typical brown bear will measure from 9 feet to 10.5 feet tall and generally weigh between 600 and 1,200 pounds with a large pronounced hump on its back. Like black bears, brown bears vary widely in color and can range from dark brown through light blond and even red-ish brown. The winter coat is heavy and dense and provides substantial protection against the northern and arctic cold temperatures.

Native Habitats and Countries

Brown Bear and Grizzly Bear are considered the same species, but are defined on their environments. “Brown bear” commonly refers to animals found in coastal areas of Alaska and Canadian Yukon. Brown bears found in inland and in northern habitats of Alaska are often referred to as “Grizzlies.

Brown bears eat a variety of foods including everything from moose and caribou, ground squirrels, fish to berries, grasses, sedges, horsetails, cow parsnips and roots of many kinds of plants.

Behavior/Social Characteristics

Except for breeding pairs and females with offspring, bears are typically solitary creatures and avoid the company of other bears. Groups will come together where food sources are concentrated such as at streams where bears catch salmon swimming upstream during the spawn.

Guided Brown Bear and Grizzly Bear Hunts

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