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Price for Corporate Dove Hunts, Day Hunts and Hunting Packages

The cost for the average Dove hunt with an outfitter runs between $200 and $1,000, for both full day, half day hunts and multi-day hunts depending on location, accommodation and amenities.  For Luxury Hunting Lodges in South America Argentina, the price is average of $3000 a week.

Dove Hunting Season

Texas Dove season is usually September to January.

Dove Hunting Outfitters

Hunting the White-Winged Dove is great recreational sport for hunters of all ages and experience levels. Doves are a bit of a challenge because they are one of the smallest birds, so aim and timing are important. They are hunted all over the world, but especially in the Lower Rio Grande Valley of Texas where you will find them nesting in the citrus groves. In the rest of the state they nest in taller, more mature trees that provide protection from predators.

For hunters, some of their habits make it challenging to hunt them, such as the fact that theyll group up near the bases of trees, often looking for tall grass. Theyre hard to see. One of the most common ways to hunt them is by flushing these groups out with dogs. Doves are often noted for their call, which is a distinct “cooing” sound.

Physical Characteristics

White Winged Doves get their name from the white feathers on the upper surface of its wings, clearly evident when the bird is in flight. Otherwise, they somewhat resemble the slightly smaller, grayish-brown Mourning Dove.

The white-winged dove is a plump bird that is actually pretty large for this species, with a length of 11 inches. It is brownish-gray on the top and solid gray on the bottom, and it draws its name from the bold white patch on the wings. This patch is a brilliant crescent, and you can see it when the bird is on the ground or in flight. The eyes are surrounded by blue skin with no feathers, and there are dark markings on the face. The eyes themselves are bright red and really stand out.

Origin, Native Habitat and Countries

The White Wing Dove is native to Mexico, the Caribbean, and the Southwest United States. Some doves are in Texas almost all year around, but the populations surge in the winter as doves from the Central U.S. migrate down to Texas and Mexico.

Behavior/Social Characteristics

The dove builds a nest out of sticks, where it lays its eggs. These two eggs are laid in intervals of 18 hours. Just 14 days later, the chicks hatch from the eggs, and it takes them less than two weeks;only 10 more days;to start flying. The white winged doves lifespan is about 15 years.

When the doves are in the mating season, the males fly in intricate spiral patterns, showing off to attract mates. They also puff up the feathers on their necks, and they fan out their tail feathers. Doves only mate with one other dove per mating season. Both males and females live in the same nest and work together to raise the young.

Guided Dove Hunts

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