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Cost and Fees to Hunt Wild Hogs, to include Helicopter Hog Hunts in Texas

The average cost of a wild hog hunt is between $650 and $900. For a few thousand dollars a an hour, you can do a helicopter hog hunt in Texas, adding a challenging and exciting element to the experience.

Hunting Hogs with Night Vision or Thermal Hunts

Wild hogs are one of the few animals hunted in Texas without horns. Because of it’s destructive nature, destroying crops and farm land in Texas, it has adapted and moves about effectively in both day and night, which can make hunting challenging. Though it is sometimes confused with the wild boar due to its appearance and mannerisms, the Texas wild hogs and wild boars are separate animals.

On the snout you’ll find long tusks. These are razor-sharp, so these animals can be dangerous if they’re cornered or panicked. They’ve been known to charge some hunters after they’re shot, especially when shot with a bow. When threatened by a hunter or one of their other natural predators—coyotes, jaguars, bobcats, mountain lions and, in areas where they live, boa constrictions—the wild hog will usually fight, even though it can reach a top speed of over 30 miles per hour.

Wild Hog Hunts

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