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Canadian, Snow, Pintail, Blue, White-fronted Goose Hunts

Goose hunting can be immeasurably rewarding and enough of a challenge to keep you interested. The best goose hunting takes place in fowl weather, so dont expect to lay around in the sun waiting for a Goose to land on you. Geese are very smart, and if they see you, they wont land, so you will need to hide, either among the decoy spread or in a shooting blind. Either way, save the adrenaline rush for later and prepare to sit still while the guides to call in the birds. These guys are pros at calling geese! Geese have distinctive behavior patterns, so wait until your guide gives you the cue before shooting. Then, you can send the dogs to pick up downed geese.

As with any other sport, Goose hunters and guides can augment their experience by using the latest technology and high-quality gear. Whether you shoot Snow Geese, Canadians, Pintails, or others, do bring a variety of callers with sufficient volume for the geese to hear them over the sound of the wind. Also, bring a mask to cover you face. Even a Canadian Goose knows that a human face doesnt belong in a patch of dead grass! Migratory birds such as ducks and geese are protected by state bag limits and require a Migratory Bird Stamp in addition to a hunting license.

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