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Cost and Trophy Fees for Rhea Hunts

Prices for Guided Rhea Hunts (grey or white) on an exotic ranch will average between $1,000 and $3,500, which is considered affordable for an exotic animal. which is considered affordable for an exotic animal – especially one with such a beautiful coat and rack. The final total depends on the size of the rack, trophy fee, rifle or bow hunt, number of days, taxidermy fees, guide fees, quality of accommodations, amenities

Grey and White Rhea Hunting Season

All year

Hunting Trophy Rhea

Stealth is required to hunt Rhea, as it can run fast – about 40 mph. The rhea has brown and grey plumage. If successfully taken, it makes for a spectacular full mount! It has wings, but it is flightless, and so these wings just help to stabilize it while it runs. The wings are large, but the animal doesnt have a breast bone to hook all of the muscles together, so they cant flap properly to fly. The rhea tends to stick to the open grasslands when possible, where it can run, but it is also found in the woodlands and pampas. Typically, the rhea does not make any sound or call. However, the males will roar when the mating season hits. This roar often sounds like a mammal.

Physical Characteristics

The rhea is the biggest native bird that can be found in South America. There are two different varieties, and the American rhea could be as high as five feet tall. It can also weight 55 pounds. The second variety, the Darwins rhea, is just three feet tall, and it weighs 22 pounds. There are dark patches that run along the back and the neck. The thighs and abdomen have lighter white feathers.

Origin, Native Habitat and Countries

This large bird is native to South America (Argentina, Bolivia, Uruguay, Paraguay, Brazil, Chile and Peru), but can now be found throughout the Americas and Germany.

Ecology/Behavior/Social Characteristics

It comes as a surprise to some that the rhea will eat both plants and meat, so it is an omnivore. Its diet consists of fruits, seeds, roots, leaves, lizards, reptiles, insects and rodents. If it can find them, it will eat agricultural crops, and farmers look at the birds as pests.

The rhea lives in flocks or groups consisting of no more than 50 animals. Both sexes are in the flock. After the males and females mate, the males take care of the nests, the eggs and the young. One male may mate with up to 12 females, and theyll all put their eggs in the nest he built. There could be as many as 50 eggs, and the male then warms the eggs and protects the young from predators.

Guided Rhea Trophy Hunts

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