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Cost for a Guided Duck Hunt / Day Duck Hunt

The cost of a day duck hunt (half day, full-day, and weekend) usually ranges between $400 and $1,000. Multi-day duck hunts, especially in South Texas, can run $2500-$5000. The final total depends on the number of birds, number of days, taxidermy fees, guide fees, quality of accommodations, amenities and services available.

Types of Ducks you can hunt

  • Mallards
  • Gadwall
  • Pintail
  • Shoveler
  • Teal
  • Bluebills
  • Ringnecks
  • RedHeads

Duck Hunting Season

The season for duck hunting depends on where you are and what season you’d like to hunt.

Ducks and geese share the same habitat and are hunted using the same methods. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service assigns almost identical hunting seasons. To shoot either migratory bird legally, you’ll need a hunting license and a Migratory Game Bird Stamp. Migratory birds such as Ducks are protected by bag limits and special hunting seasons, so be sure to apply early to avoid standing in line.

Origin, Native Habitat and Countries

Ducks typically stay in or very near the water. It is their food source, as they eat insects and plankton found in the mud. If needed, ducks will also eat fish. They usually stay in weeds, marshlands and shallow waters, with a preference for ponds and other protected areas with little to no wave activity.

Duck Hunting

Duck is typically hunted from a duck blind (composed of dead grass and other vegetation) using camouflage, duck decoys and callers to lure them within shooting range. They can also be hunted from boat blinds. Most hunters use a 12-gauge shotgun, giving them a kill range of roughly 30 yards. When they are close enough to shoot, you can literally see their eyes. If you dont have dogs, or are a novice hunter, please consider investing in high-quality, insulated wading boots so that you can retrieve the downed ducks in comfort.

Physical Characteristics

Ducks are medium-sized birds with slick, water-resistant feathers. The exact coloring depends on the type, as you can hunt wood ducks, green-headed mallards, or even blue-winded teal ducks. The male ducks tend to have far more coloration than the females, who will be brown and gray. The males use these colors to attract mates. Some ducks are solid white.

Ducks are often best recognized by their bright beaks and feet, both of which range from orange to yellow. They also have prominent dark eyes, and hunters are encouraged not to fire until they see these eyes, which ensures that the ducks are within shotgun range.

Guided Duck Hunts

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