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Prices for Guided Black Bear Hunts

The average cost of a black bear hunt ranges from $1,700, up to $4,500 for a trophy male harvested on a multi-day hunt. The final total depends on the cost of the license, size of the bear, rifle, muzzle or bow hunt, trophy fee, number of days, taxidermy fees, accommodations, amenities and other services available.

Black Bear Hunting Season

Check the state for specific dates, regulations and requirements.

Trophy Black Bear Hunts

Male Black Bears, with their large, powerful bodies, huge claws, teeth and soft fur pelts make for beautiful trophies. Trophy Black Bears can reach between 6 feet to almost 8 feet square, weigh between 350 and 550+ pounds and have 20+ SCI skulls. These are the Pope and Young (P&Y) Trophy Bears youre looking for.

Physical Characteristics

The typical brown bear will measure from 4 feet to 7 feet square and generally weigh between 150 to 300 pounds and can vary widely in color and can range from jet black to chocolate to cinnamon to blonde. The winter coat is heavy and dense and provides substantial protection against the northern temperatures.

Native Habitats and Countries

The American Black Bear are extremely adaptable and live in a variety of habitat types and commonly found throughout northern North America to include the tundras of Canada and Alaska as well as the forested regions along the Rockies as far south as Mexico, concentrations in Arkansas and Florida and, up and down the Appalachian Mountain range. They are primarily found in think forested areas with an abundance of fruits, nuts, and vegetation.

Behavior/Social Characteristics

With the exception of mothers and cubs, Black bears are solitary animals and usually forage alone, but will tolerate each other in groups if there is an abundance of food in one area. Some black bears hibernate depending on local weather conditions and availability of food during the winter months. In areas where there is warmer weather throughout the winter and consistent food supply, they may not hibernate at all or only for a short time.

Guided Black Bear Hunts

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