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Hunt Funnel – Fully Automated Digital Lead Generation

Expertly Managed Google Ad Campaigns for Consistent, Quality Leads

For Outfitters Who Can Handle Over 40+ Hunters a year.

It's Time for Technology

Eliminate the Shows – and All That Expense!

For the cost of one hunting show, an outfitter can fully fund a years of Google Ads.

Weed Out Tire-Kickers

Funnel High-Converting Clients

Give us 5-10 criteria of your ideal client. Filter by age, income, interests, locations (city/state/zips), social circles, species preference, recent purchases and more.

Save Money

Don't Out-Spend Your Competitors – Outsmart Them.

Top Adwords positions are continual bid wars against competitors – with limited visibility into what they’re bidding.  We actively manage your Cost-Per-Click to optimize spend and reach.

Maximize Your Marketing.

Measure. Improve. Rinse and Repeat.

We test multiple headlines, keywords, packages, promotions, dates, etc.  We keep the best converting ads and track their effectiveness to help us maximize your marketing budget.

Quality Over Quantity

Continually Improve and Grow Your Client List

Quality leads = a quality database you can use for future email, social and digital marketing.  A quality client list reduces your marketing spend.

Know the Numbers

Marketing That Means Business

Receive analytics on the Who, What, When, Where, How, How Much and a dozen other data points – so you know where to spend your marketing budget.

No Long-Term Contracts

Month-To-Month Engagements

Minimum Adwords package is $2k/month plus matching media costs (paid directly to Google).  After deposit, it only takes 7-10 days to setup your account and get the phone ringing.

Sustainable Growth & Rapid ROI

Within Three Months We'll Have Your Hunting Leads On Auto-pilot.

Google makes nearly $100,000,000.00 dollars a day from Adwords – because it works!

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