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Cost and Trophy Fees for Japanese Sika Deer Hunt

The average price to hunt a Sika deer on a big game ranch is between $3500 and $5500, which is considered affordable for an exotic animal – especially one with such a beautiful spotted coat and impressive rack. The final total depends on the size of the rack, trophy fee, rifle or bow hunt, number of days, taxidermy fees, guide fees, quality of accommodations, amenities and services available.

Sika Deer Hunting Season

All year

Hunting Trophy Sika Grande

The antlers on a Silk deer are similar to that of a sika in build and were originally bred specifically for the quality of their meat. They have four points on each side in most cases, though occasionally, three, five or six have been seen. However, these antlers are larger than those found on the sika, surpassing 36 inches. Theyre closer in bulk to an elks antlers.

Like most deer, the silk deer are also active at dusk and dawn, when they graze for food, so hunting is done with this schedule in mind. This doesnt meant they cant be found in the middle of the day, but the odds are far better in the cooler temperatures as the sun rises or sets.

Physical Characteristics

Coming from a blend of American elk and Sika deer, the Silk Deer, or Sika Grande, split the difference in size, usually weighing between 300 and 400 pounds. Adults are also longer than even the largest sika, growing to be well over 71 inches in length.

The silk deers coat is a medium brown and slightly shaggy; the hair is heaviest on the face and more sleek along the sides. The insides of the prominent ears are white, a telltale sign if you spot one through the scope. The bottoms of the legs are slightly lighter on the insides, near the feet. The overall tone is fairly consistent, though they do have faint white spots. The large deer have a slight mane running back along the neck.

Origin, Native Habitat and Countries

Sika deer, which are often called “Silk,” were created when American elk and Sika deer were crossbred. Though the sika deer is native to Japan and the Far East, the silk deer is considered to be native to the United States. The ones you hunt in Texas are native to the area, able to thrive in open grasslands, forests and the dry, mountainous climate.

Ecology/Behavior/Social Characteristics

True to their heritage, silk deer behave much like sika, in that they often prefer to be loners, except during mating season when one male will chase after multiple females.

Guided Sika Trophy Hunts

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