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Alaska Brown Bear Hunting Trips

Hunt Coastal Brown Bear with a Master Guide in Alaska

Alaska Brown Bear hunting is the ultimate in North American adventure! Alaska Brown bear Master Guide George Siavelis specializes exclusively, on big brown bear hunting along Alaska’s Gulf Coast region and will personally guide you on this hunt! These coastal wet areas are lush, and rich in trophy brown bear. A giant coastal brown bear is the ultimate trophy.

Early Fall Brown Bear Hunts in Alaska

We hunt brown bear in the early fall, BEFORE THE BEARS CHANGE THEIR SUMMER FISHING HABITS, when there’s still a lot of daylight so the bears aren’t quite as nocturnal, the weather is warmer, and there is often a few less storms.

Alaska Brown Bear River Hunts

Hunt Brown Bear from a River Canoe in Remote Alaska

Our primary focus is on Fall Brown Bear hunts when the brown bears are concentrated along the small salmon streams.  Consequently, more bears are seen at very close range. In fact, George likes to hunt right on what he calls the “salmon holes”, where the salmon congregate, and the big brown bears are actively fishing every day.

The bears in these areas are as large as bears get anywhere in the world. Hunting trophy brown bears along these streams, often just 30 or 40 yards away, is very exciting and will get your blood pumping. The streams in these areas receive heavy salmon runs, including all five pacific salmon species.

Alaska Fair Chase Brown Bear Trophy Hunts

Few outfitters in Alaska can provide a better chance at a high quality, FAIR CHASE adventure! That’s right, FAIR CHASE …unfortunately it seems less and less is heard about this aspect of hunting every year. Alaska Brown Bear Guide George Siavelis goes beyond the legal definition of fair chase to what he believes is true fair chase.

Alaska Brown Bear Master Hunting Guide

We guide exclusively for giant brown bear along Alaska’s coast and streams

Alaska Brown bear hunting guide George Siavelis has a U.S. Forest Service Priority Use Permit in the Chugach National Forest, Cordova Ranger District. Each year, only 2 to 3 hunters will have the opportunity to hunt this remote, magical place! All of his attention and effort now goes into this specialized hunt.

George has chosen the best areas that he has found to hunt in. These game management units along the coast are indeed prime brown bear habitat and have very high densities of bears and produce some very large trophies. Recently the Alaska Board of Game has been taking steps to deal with the higher brown bear populations in some of these areas!

Alaska Brown Bear Hunting Outfitter Reviews

Affordable Prices for Some of the Best Brown Bear Trophy Hunting in the World

A very high percentage of George’s clients state that their hunt with George was the absolute best Hunt of their life, many who factly state they saw more bears in just the first few hours with George, than they saw during entire hunts elsewhere.

“Alaska hunting guide George Siavelis and his hunts are fantastic! All of my hopes and dreams were greatly surpassed when this 72 inch, official Boone & Crockett monster was called, and came charging in to 35 yds. George sure can talk moose language, literally! I saw 4 or 5 trophy bull moose over 60 inches, mooseeveryday that we hunted moose (not to mention all the other moose). Alaska hunting guide George Siavelis makes dreams come true! If you want to be SURE of hunting, in the field personally, with an Alaska hunting guide that really knows his stuff, you want to book a hunt with Alaska Master Guide George Siavelis. I honestly made my plans for my next alaskan hunt with George while on this hunt.”

“Alaska Hunting Guide George Siavelis is a straight shooter!”

“Alaska hunting guide George Siavelis is an honest guide. Master Guide George and his assistants were very professional and knowledgeable about the area & game. I took a trophy grizzly bear, moose, and caribou. My brother took a nice black bear and caribou. I would hunt with George again. I expect to continue a friendship w/ George for many years!”

“Here’s the ratings I made about Alaska hunting guide George Siavelis in a U.S. Refuge Service survey: Overall Guide Service: Excellent.     Knowledge: Excellent     Fair chase: Excellent      Safety: Excellent     Quality of Gear: Excellent      Care of meat and trophies: Excellent “

“George, I just can’t express enough appreciation of how great the time spent hunting brown bear in Alaska with you was and what it meant to me. You are definitely a pro in every sense of the word and you have my utmost respect and admiration. I was very fortunate to have hunted brown bear with you, and if things work out for next year, we’ll do it again.”

“I arrived in Alaska with no gear because the airlines lost my luggage. Alaska hunting guide George Siavelis completely outfitted me, including hunting clothes that fit, raingear, hunting rifle, ammo, etc…Shot this huge bull moose and a nine foot brown bear on my first day. Saw several even bigger bulls each day after that for about 5 days straight !! One or more of them were over 70 inches! “

“Alaska hunting guide George Siavelis runs a great outfit. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a true Alaska adventure. Everything was well organized and I look forward to hunting with George Siavelis again!”

“After three hunts in Alaska, this was by far the best one I’ve experienced. As for Alaska hunting guide George Siavelis, he did everything he said he would. I have nothing to say about him except that he is THE BEST.”

“George’s honesty, hard work, integrity and the quality of game made my trip the hunt of a lifetime. The thing that impressed me most of all was his total preparedness for any situation.” “I have hunted with some great guides before, but can honestly say Alaska hunting guide George Siavelis has no peer, he’s the total package!”

“I will tell you that my experience with Alaska hunting guide George Siavelis was wonderful. Initially, I Brown-Bear-3was scheduled to arrive in Aniak on September 14, 2001. However, because of the 9/11 attacks, I was not able to leave for several days. George and I stayed in touch during this entire time, and although not requested by me, George volunteered to extend my hunt to cover the lost time. This was a classy gesture on his part – and typical of what I had heard of about Alaska hunting guide George Siavelis, and what I would soon learn to be true for myself. In addition to taking a nice grizzly on the first day and 2 Caribou, I saw and filmed wolf, wolverine, porcupines, bald eagles, falcons, ptarmigan, grizzly sows with cubs, a few moose and countless caribou over the course of my ten days spent in some of the most beautiful country on Earth. George demonstrated to me that he will do all that he says and more to make his hunts enjoyable, successful, and his customers happy. If you book any type of hunt advertised by Alaska hunting guide George Siavelis, you’ll not regret it.”

“George, Thanks again for a thoroughly enjoyable hunt. We saw 10 grizzlies, 4 black bear, 6 moose, and a wolverine in one day of glassing from spike camp. Add that to the glassing crew thousands of caribou, and we literally saw ‘tons’ of game. Yourself, Einer, and Jim did a great job of taking care of us in the bush by being prepared to do whatever was necessary to make the hunt. I plan to be back hunting with my brothers and fishing with my wife. You run a class operation in the most beautiful country on earth. Too bad we had to go back to work.”

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  • TYPES OF HUNTS:Cancellation Hunts, Free Range/Fair Chase Hunts, River Boat, Spot and Stalk Hunts, Trophy Hunts
  • HUNTING LAND:Open Range, Public
  • BEAR:Alaska Brown, Grizzly
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