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Agua Dulce Whitetail Trophy Hunting Ranch

Each year a limited amount of Whitetail deer are harvested, at Agua Dulce Ranch, creating more opportunities for trophy bucks.

Our goal at Agua Dulce Ranch is to provide a superior White Tail Deer hunting experience.

Our guides are some of the best in South Texas. We spend many hours in the field scouting and patterning White Tail deer. Our mission is to ensure your hunt is a success.

We are very proud of our food here at Agua Dulce Ranch. We provide a full assortment of delicious food for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

For the hunting experience of a lifetime, this is where you need to be. Call us for references, we have many satisfied clients, perhaps you will be the next Welcome to Agua Dulce Ranch

South Texas has produced many trophy huge Boone & Crockett Whitetail Deer bucks over the decade. There is no other whitetail deer hunting ranch to hunt these big Texas Whitetail Bucks like the Agua Dulce Ranch located in South Texas. Whether you are whitetail deer hunting from one of our comfortable stands or driving this Texas hunting ranch doing a spot and stalk or getting down and dirty with a set of rattling deer antlers the excitement and unique hunting experience you get from hunting in Agua Dulce Ranch compares to no other ranch in South Texas.

At Agua Dulce Ranch, we work hard to ensure a memorable and successful hunting trip for all of our clients. We pride ourselves in producing quality South Texas trophy whitetail bucks year after year. Whether you are an experienced hunter looking for the buck of a lifetime or new to hunting all together, we have experienced and knowledgeable personnel to take care of you. Imagine sitting in a deer stand looking down a long sendero on a cold foggy morning or rattling antlers from a brush blind in a cactus flat, the excitement and unique hunting experience you get from hunting in South Texas compares to no other whitetail habitat.

The reasons that we are successful in producing quality trophy whitetail bucks for our hunting clients year after year is due to the high standards of genetics we have established and feeding supplemental feed and food plots year round. Our ranch has no live stock, so the wildlife on the ranch thrives year round. And the proper harvesting of our deer and the use of our MLD program gives us the tools to allow our deer to grow to maximum potential.

From the time you arrive until your departure, we make sure that you will be taken care of and leave feeling like you got your moneys worth. All of our hunters are guided one-on-one and never left out in the cold, so to speak, while hunting with us. The majority of our hunting is done from deer stands along with your guide. You can expect to see 10-25 bucks a day! Our guides work hard prior to the season scouting and patterning our deer. All of our guides are experienced hunters themselves and have been hunting in South Texas for decades.

We start our day with coffee/juice and a light breakfast and then you and your guide will head to the stand for the morning hunt. Weather and deer movement will dictate a mid-day lunch and siesta or a mid-day hunting session. When the weather is nice you can fill in midday with fishing, target shooting or even a quick quail hunt. The afternoon hunt will follow with your guide and yourself hunting until dark. The evenings are typically spent around the campfire telling stories of the days hunt. Dinner is served early evening and typically consists of bar-b-que or authentic Mexican food.

All hunts for bucks up to 139 7/8 gross Boone & Crockett score are for two days and one night, including lodging and meals. A non-refundable deposit of $1,000 is required for these hunts.

All hunts for 140 and above gross Boone & Crockett score are for two and a half days and two nights, including lodging and meals. A non-refundable deposit of $2,000 is required for these hunts.

Texas Trophy Buck Hunts:


Less than 130 B&C Gross – $2200.00 flat fee

No trophy fee.

Trophy Buck Hunts: $2000.00


Deer Scoring and Pricing

Deer harvested are unofficially scored at the ranch and, if over 140 Boone and Crockett, they may be officially scored by Los Cazadores Contest Scorer, which will confirm the price.


Whitetail Trophy Fees:

130 – 139 7/8 B&C: $1000.00

140 – 149 7/8 B&C: $2000.00

150 – 159 7/8 B&C: $3800.00

160 – 169 7/8 B&C: $4800.00

170 – 179 7/8 B&C: $6000.00

180 – 189 7/8 B&C: $7200.00

190 – 199 7/8 B&C: $8200.00

200 – 209 7/8 B&C: $9000.00

210 + B&C: $9500.00


South Texas Dove Hunting Packages

Large groups up to 12 or corporate get a ways.

$375.00 per person 2 day minimum and 4 hunter minimum

All meals and lodging included

Nice tanks and 1000’s acres of farm land to hunt.

Relax by the pool during the day.

Hog hunting

Bass fishing


South Texas Turkey Hunting Package

2 day “Semi-Guided” hunt, food, lodging & guide of ranch (1 Gobbler limit) = $1250

Additional gobblers $375.00 each based upon availability. Non-hunters are welcome for $250.00 pp per day based upon availability. Young hunters under the age of 16 will receive a 15% discount at the time of booking, if requested.

Your request has been submitted successfully.

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  • HUNTING HARDWARE:Rifle, Shotgun, Muzzleload, Pistol, Archery/Bow
  • HUNTING LAND:High Fence, Private Lease
  • HUNTING ACCOMMODATIONS:Luxury, Hunting Lodge
  • MIGRATORY BIRDS:Migratory Birds, Dove
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  • TURKEY:Rio Grande
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