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Alaska Big Game Hunting Outfitters

Trophy Hunts for Dall Sheep, Grizzly Bear, Moose and Caribou

Our Brooks Range hunts combine wilderness exploration, breathtaking scenery, and game diversity into an experience that is sure to impress even the most seasoned hunters. These hunts are conducted well north of the Arctic Circle, in the eastern portion of the Brooks Range, where we consistently find trophy Moose, Sheep, Caribou and Grizzly Bears.

We hunt this area both in the spring and the fall, and multi species fall hunts are available. Ready for a premier Alaskan hunting adventure?

Guided Dall Sheep Hunts in Alaska

The Brooks Range is one of few remaining over-the-counter Sheep tags available to Non-Resident hunters in Alaska, which means you don’t have to wait until you win the draw to come on this Sheep hunt.

We hunt the Southern Slopes of the Brooks Range, where Grizzlies are common, and can be harvested as a secondary animal incidentally during a hunt, or targeted after a hunter is successful. A trophy fee will be charged for Grizzly Bears only if one is harvested in addition to a Sheep.

Unlike many other backpack Sheep hunts, we access the mountains in our company owned light aircraft on tundra tires, which means when you start your hunt, you’re already in Sheep country! Even so, you’re sure to earn your trophy on this rugged 1X1, 10 day backpack hunt. We have years of experience hunting and flying this area, so if you come in good shape, you won’t go home disappointed!

Alaska Fall and Spring Guided Grizzly Bear Hunts

We offer both spring and fall grizzly hunts. May marks the beginning of mating season for Bears, and this is an excellent time of year to hunt Grizzlies. Boars will be out cruising for sows and can be found walking river bottoms or ridge lines at any time during the day or night. 24 hour daylight this time of year guarantees a unique hunting experience!

This hunt is in the Brooks Range, well north of the Arctic Circle, where the harsh winter climate makes these bears well known for their superior hide quality. An Arctic Grizzly harvested in the Spring season has thick, long fur that is incomparable with bears in any other climate.

In the fall grizzlies are often found high on the alpine ridges, gorging on the last bits of berries from the summer, and this hunt can be easily combined with a Caribou hunt.

Float Hunts for Grizzly Bear in Alaska

A Grizzly Bear Spring Float Hunt is also a great option in the Spring, as our area contains creeks with salmon runs (rare for interior Alaska), which brings bears to the water’s edge, and also helps to grow large grizzlies.

Camps are flown in using our company owned light aircraft on tundra tires or floats, and are located on high ridges or in locations with good vantage points, and hunting styles include backpacking, and stationary spot and stalk.

Alaska Guided Bull Moose Trophy Hunting Trips

Bull Moose reach full rut during this hunt, and calling is very effective during both hunt dates. Archery hunters are welcome!

This hunt is conducted on the Southern Slopes of the Brooks Range, well North of the Arctic Circle, where the Bulls grown tall, massive palms long before they reach 60” of width, making for classic antlers well known for their powerful fronts and palmated brow tines.

This is an excellent opportunity for a multi-species event as hunters frequently have opportunities for grizzlies, caribou, or wolves during the course of their 10 day hunt. Hunters will pay a trophy fee on secondary animals only if they are harvested in addition to their Moose.

Hunting styles are spot and stalk, float hunts, and stationary calling. Accommodations consist of high quality 8’ X 8’ Arctic Ovens and Bomb Shelters with cots. Company owned light aircraft equipped with floats and tundra tires allow access to the best hunting areas and provide personalized support during the hunt.

Caribou Hunting Outfitters in AK

We offer two different types of caribou hunts. A 7 day backpack hunt in our exclusive guiding area within the Ray Mountains. This area is well know for its large-bodied Caribou. This is resident herd of Caribou (not a migratory herd), which means that the Caribou will be there, but some hiking is required.

Fall Caribou Hunts Alaska

Later in the fall we also offer a 5 day caribou hunt. We’re hunting the Porcupine Herd of Caribou in the Southern Slopes of the Brooks Range as they migrate to the Southern edge of their range for the winter months. Over the preceding 5 seasons, this herd has passed right through our hunting area during this time period, with thousands of animals pouring right through our camps!

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  • TYPES OF HUNTS:Cancellation Hunts, Free Range/Fair Chase Hunts, Spot and Stalk Hunts, Trophy Hunts
  • HUNTING HARDWARE:Rifle, Archery/Bow
  • HUNTING LAND:Open Range, Public
  • BEAR:Alaska Brown, Grizzly
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  • CARIBOU / REINDEER:Alaska-Yukon
  • MOOSE:Alaska-Yukon
  • SHEEP / RAMS:Dall
  • WOLF:Northern Alaska