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Alberta Big Horn Sheep Trophy Hunts

Guaranteed Bighorn Sheep Hunting Tags in Alberta Canada

Our Big Horn Sheep Hunting concession is one of the best places on earth to hunt Big Horn Sheep. We have guaranteed tags so you don’t have to mess with drawings. Tags are limited and advance booking is required.

Our Alberta Bighorn Sheep hunts are 12-day hunts. The season starts Sept 1st and ends Oct 15th. Rams taken out of our area are in the 160” to 180”+ range. Our area is vast and has some of the largest big horn sheep populations in Alberta. What makes us the best sheep outfitters in Alberta is that we allow our clients to come back after their scheduled hunt dates in case they weren’t successful.  If you’re looking for a sheep hunt in Canada, use the contact form and lets us help you plan the perfect hunt!

Big Horn Sheep Hunting in Alberta

Remote Bighorn Sheep Hunts in Canada

In Alberta rams to be legal must be 4/5th curl, thus allowing a heavy broomed off ram to be legal. Because of this regulation, success in Alberta for sheep is better than British Columbia. This is a true wilderness Rocky Mountain Bighorn hunt. Our Alberta sheep hunts are located 100 miles west of Grand Prairie Alberta in the Kakwa Wilderness.  This is northern most range for Bighorn Sheep in North America and also some of the most remote being right on the continental divide.  According to Alberta regulations outfitters are not allowed to have any permanent structures in this area so all camps are wall tents and alpine mountaineer tents.

Horseback and ATV Hunts for Bighorn Sheep in Canada

Trophy Sheep Hunting for 160/170/180 Class in Remote Alberta Kakwa Wilderness

Our Alberta Bighorn hunts are 12 full days in the Rocky Mountains of the Kakwa Wilderness.  Sheep hunts are challenging both physically and mentally as many hours glassing are typically required to locate rams. This sheep area is very remote and the use of horses is limited due to muskeg in lower elevations.  We mostly use 4wd atv’s to access glassing areas, trailheads and base camps. Numerous nights on the mountain is a must and prevailing winds can be relentless here on the continental divide so tent camps are situated in timbered gullies and basins for better shelter.  Rams curl restriction here is of 4/5 which is slightly more than the 3/4 curl restriction.  As a result, average ram scores range from 160-180 class.

Alberta Bighorn Sheep Hunting Tags

Hunting Outfitters in Canada with Guaranteed Sheep Tags

In Alberta we have 4 Bighorn Sheep tags in the Kakwa region west of Grande Prairie on the BC/AB border. The country is big and so are the rams, this area holds plenty of resident sheep. It is big country where most of your time will be spent behind a spotting scope, main camp is a wall tent camp in the bottom of the drainage. From there we pack out via quads and back pack and stay in Hillenberg tents. Bighorn hunting requires you to be in great physical shape as well as keeping a positive mindset if the hunting is slow or the weather is bad. This is your best bet to get a ram.

Big Horn Sheep Hunting Prices

Alberta Outfitters with Hunting Packages for Bighorn Hunts

Bighorn hunts are structured on a trophy fee basis with optional tags available.

Bighorn Sheep Hunts in British Columbia!

We also have a remote hunting area in British Columbia for Big Horn Sheep.

Our British Columbia Bighorn Sheep hunts are 9 days long and we recommend you hunt Mountain Goat as well. Typical rams harvested in this area range from 160″ to 180″ class.

The undisputed monarchs of the Rocky Mountains, Bighorn Sheep are among the most sought after trophies in the world. A full curl Bighorn ram is a prestigious trophy as legal rams are smart, wary and dwell at high elevations in rugged terrain. Due to the full curl restriction on rams the hunter must understand that they may see a number of rams that are not legal.

Our BC Sheep Hunting territory holds two distinct sheep herds with stable populations.

Hunter’s must prepare themselves physically and mentally for what is believed to be one of the most challenging yet rewarding hunts in North America. Be prepared to hike into remote basins where you may camp for several nights and you will be spending many hours glassing/spotting for this illusive trophy so good optics are a necessity.

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