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Alberta Hunting Outfitters

Affordable Hunting Trips in Alberta Canada for Whitetail Deer, Black Bear, Mule Deer Bow Hunts and Wolf

Outfitters ­ Double Diamond Wilderness Hunts Ltd. is a full-time professional outfitter delivering quality hunts for the past 20+ years for whitetail deer, black bear, mule deer archery, wolf, and coyote. Being a hands-on guide myself, along with experienced local guides, each and every client is guaranteed a great time and 100% effort! No details are overlooked when hunting with DDWH, we realize how hard you work for your money and will do everything within our power to present to you the opportunity at the animal you pursue. Honesty, integrity, and just plain hard work can be expected and nothing less while hunting Alberta with us.

Guided Black Bear Hunts in Alberta

Alberta Black Bear Hunting Trips

Double Diamond Wilderness Hunts Ltd. owns the premier black bear hunting area in Northern Alberta Canada. Join us on a black bear hunt along the famous Athabasca River in WMU 531.  Nestled along the river and bordering the Wood Buffalo National Park to the North with the Birch Mountain Wildland Park to the west, we have everything we need to constantly draw big mature boars. We hunt bait sites that consistently produce record book bears and each year we open new areas that have never been hunted. With no local hunting pressure you will have excellent opportunities to harvest mature trophy bears and wolves on our Alberta black bear hunts.

Hunt Black Bear in Alberta

Remote Hunts for Spring and Fall Black Bear

This country is bearadise and with such a high density of black bears each hunter is allowed to harvest two. This is a remote bear hunting area, and all bait stations are only accessible by 4×4 ATV’s. Stands are set up 15 to 20 yards from the bait site giving archery, muzzle loader, rifle, and cross bows hunters ample opportunity to harvest a trophy black bear or wolf.

Trophy Black Bear Hunting Outfitters

98% of our black bear trophy 18+inch skulls

With our intense feeding program of meat, oats, fryer grease and fish exceeding 20 000 lbs. yearly, we strive to only harvest large mature boars that square 6’ 10” or better with some bears exceeding the 7’6″ mark and closing in on 500 pounds! Our management program is working with an incredible long term average of 7’1” squared with 98% of our bears making the P&Y minimum of 18″ on the skull! Long term skull average has been just over 19″ with numerous bears yearly scoring over 20″. Clearly if your looking to harvest a trophy bear, we are the best option in Alberta!

Rifle Whitetail Deer Rifle Hunts Alberta

Alberta Fair Chase Whitetail Deer Rut Hunting in November

Join us in central Alberta for exciting trophy whitetail deer hunting action. Our rifle whitetail deer hunts are 6 or 10 days during the peak of the rut which falls between November 14-21 yearly. The hunting area contains the key elements for any great deer area of mixed farmland and fringe land that backs onto endless heavy forest to the west. Whitetails in our hunting area have great genetics with good mass ranging from 140″ – 200″ B&C. Long term harvest average has been in the 150″ range with 85% success. By using tree stands, tower stands, and ground blinds in key locations, we can make your whitetail deer dreams a reality! All our hunts are fair chase, and conducted in an ethical manner.

Pre-Scouting Trophy Deer

85% Success Rate November Whitetail Deer Rut Hunting Trips in Alberta

Scouting for whitetail deer begins in mid July ending in mid December using premium trail cameras. While your hunting the guides are always monitoring the hunting area in search of trophy whitetails. We are constantly working to ensure our clients a quality opportunity at a mature whitetail. Hunts are only conducted during peak deer movement, which falls between November 7-28, maximizing client success. Our 85% return clientele speaks volumes! If high success rates on quality animals is what your after, you need to come hunt Alberta with DDWH!

Alberta Hunting Lodge

Black Bear, Whitetail Deer and Mule Deer Hunting Trips

The rifle whitetail deer hunts are conducted out of our 2700 square foot lodge, on private, and crown land. We are situated one hour from the Edmonton International Airport (YEG) making pain free, easy traveling. We have two rooms with two clients per room, a shared bathroom, laundry facilities and a large living room complete with a big screen TV so you don’t miss the game! Also available is WIFI for your convenience. If you prefer things a little more quiet we also have a cabin available for your comfort. Location is on 160 acres in the heart of fabulous deer country on the western edge of WMU 224. From here we also hunt WMU 332 which is a 15 minute drive to the west. All whitetail, mule deer and coyote hunts are conducted from here allowing maximum comfort.

Archery Deer Hunting Trips in Alberta

Affordable Prices and Hunting Packages from Mule Deer and Whitetail Deer Bowhunting Outfitters

Our whitetail and mule deer archery hunts are conducted on private farm land conveniently located one hour from the Edmonton International Airport (YEG). Lodge location is on the western edge of WMU 224 in the heart of fabulous deer country, from here we also hunt WMU 332 which is a short 15 minute drive to the west. We offer 6 or 10 day hunts during the new moon phase in September and October. If your looking for a whitetail/mule deer combination hunt we strongly recommend ten days of hunting.  Our scouting program is solid and expect opportunities at P&Y class animals. Archery hunt success has been 90% shot opportunity and is dependent on the hunters experience, a guide can only do so much and cannot close the deal for you, target practice is key, and if you follow our advice on being quiet and scent conscious you will reap the rewards.

Alberta Deer Bow Hunting Guides

Archery Mule Deer and Whitetail Deer Hunts in Alberta

Whitetail bow hunting in our area is excellent with little resident hunting pressure. You will have an experienced bow hunting guide who knows how to put you on trophy whitetails. I personally guide most of the archery hunts but do occasionally hire one experienced local guide to help. Trophy potential in WMU’s 224 and 332 is excellent due to rich farmland with plenty of wooded cover. Whitetails have been averaging 140″ as it is hard not to pull the trigger on a P&Y buck! However if your willing to sit with patience, trophy deer of 170″+ are out there and attainable. Tree stands will be used exclusively on deer trails and agricultural plots on private land.

Bow-Hunt Mule Deer in Alberta

If you enjoy spot and stalk hunting in vast fields of agriculture land, you will love our archery mule deer hunts! Our mule deer hunts have been producing mule deer on average in the 165″ class. Resident mule deer hunts were put on draw 4 years ago and our trophy quality has been going up ever since. It is now possible to hang your tag on a 185″+ buck with the occasional 200″ class deer in the hunting area! Only taking 4 hunters a year maximum your opportunity is high on a quality buck. Occasionally tree stands will be used for mule deer if they are patternable. Both the whitetail deer bow hunts and mule deer bow hunts can be 6 or 10 days giving the client ample time for an opportunity at a quality buck.

Winter Wolf Hunting in Alberta

Join us on a winter adventure your not soon to forget! There is nothing as exciting as a coyote slinking in or running full bore into your electronic calls. Or maybe sitting in the middle of the boreal forest at -30C staring at a wolf bait and hearing the distant lonely howls, knowing they are working their way into your bait site. If either one stirs up your blood, we are here to make that a reality. Action packed is the only way to describe these winter predator adventures.

Northern Alberta Winter Wolf Hunting

We have just completed our third Winter Wolf Adventure with huge success once again! Thus far 16 clients have shot 16 wolves and missed 7. I do not believe there is a more successful wolf hunt out there. Hunters are housed at an oil camp with full amenities and are delivered to remote, heated ground blinds over bait via snow machines. Clients are picked up and dropped off at Fort McMurray Alberta. Expect cold temperatures and get prepared mentally for a long sit, but it will be worth it to put down one of the most elusive animals on the continent.

No Limit Wolf Hunting Canada

In Alberta there is no limit on the number of wolves and coyotes that you may harvest so this increases your chance at taking home some real trophies. With continuous monitoring and scouting, we give 100% effort to make your wolf or coyote hunting trip an unforgettable and successful one.

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  • HUNTING HARDWARE:Rifle, Shotgun, Muzzleload, Pistol, Archery/Bow
  • HUNTING LAND:Open Range, Public
  • BEAR:Black
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