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Alberta Hunting Outfitters and Guides

Wood Bison, Black Bear, Grey Timber Wolf and Moose Hunts in Canada

I’ve being in business since 1992 and have clients from all over the world including the U.S. Canada, Germany, Austria, Denmark, Turkey and Czechoslovak. All hunts are based out of the area of Fort McMurray Alberta North Eastern area. Fort McMurray is 150 miles into the wilderness north of farm land so the hunting is remote and excellent.  All of our hunting camps are wall tents with wooden floors with wood burning stove for heat and beds to sleep in. Home cooked meals daily.

Alberta Black Bear Hunting Outfitters

Our Black Bear Hunts Success rate is 99% on Two Bears per Client.

Black Bear hunts are done by truck and ATV 2 1/2 hours North West of Fort McMurray. The hunt is done over baits from tree stands all stands are setup for Bow or Rifle.

Alberta Moose Hunting

Our Moose Hunt Success Rate is 85% per Client.

Moose hunting is done by getting in to the area by float plane at remote lakes. The hunt is only done while the Moose are in rut. We call them out (the call of an Cow Moose) we use boats and ATV’s to move around.

Wood Bison Hunts in Alberta, Canada

Our Wood Bison Hunt Success Rate is 98% per Client.

Wood Bison Hunts are done by spot and stock. This hunt is done by ATV or Snow machine then by foot.

Alberta Timberwolf Hunting

Our Timberwolf Hunt Success Rate is 25%.

Timber Wolf are the largest in the world. The hunt is done over other kills and by spotting them. Some are shot out of the trees stands while Black Bear hunting.