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Remote Alaska Sea Boat and River Boat Hunting Trips

River Hunting in Southeast Alaska

Annahootz Alaskan Adventures offers trophy-class hunting, sport fishing for saltwater and freshwater fish on our 29 Foot Olympic Cruiser with Heated Cabin.  From Sitka you will travel to some of the most remote and highly populated bear islands in the world. Our hunts are often boat-based, spotting and stalking trophy animals, such as Black and Brown Bears, Sitka Black-Tailed Deer, and Mountain Goats, on the shores and mountains of Southeast Alaska’s Baranof and Prince of Wales Islands. Here the waters team with halibut, salmon, crab and shrimp, bringing your prey to you. The beauty and abundance of wild life will make this hunt a unique wilderness adventure.

Hunting Black Bears on Prince of Wales Island in SE AK

Black bear hunts take place on Prince of Wales Island in Southeast Alaska. Prince of Wales Island produces more trophy size black bear than anywhere else in Canada or the U.S. My hunts are boat-based on a fifty-six foot commercial fishing vessel as base camp and then spotting and stalking from small skiffs. I hunt the beaches, tidal flats and estuaries for bears. I have been guiding on P.O.W. for over ten years and every year take one bear with over a twenty one inch skull and have taken several over eight foot squared. The largest skull size was twenty-two and three-sixteenths taken in the fall of  ’06.

Sea Boat Brown Bear Hunting

Brown bear hunts are done on Baranof/Chichagof Islands which are located in Southeast Alaska. Brown Bear hunts are boat-based on our comfortable commercial fishing vessel. We will be spotting and stalking the many tidal flats of Southeast Alaska’s Baranof. We use my Float house as base camp and then use skiffs to spot and stalk bears feeding along the bays and estuaries. You will see thirty to seventy bears per hunt and we target large Boars. Fishing and crabbing is included in this trip.

Alaska Registered Guide

I grew up in a commercial fishing family, and as so often happens, hunting trips encompass the opportunity to partake of some of Sitka’s world class salmon and halibut fishing. During 45 years in Sitka I have hunted and fished the entire Inside Passage. Growing up in a family dependent on the land and sea, I can put my local knowledge to work, making your excursion into Alaska’s breathtaking wilderness both safe and memorable. I have the knowledge, the experience and the enthusiasm to guide you on the trip of a lifetime.

Alaska Sport Fishing Trips

We offer trophy-class sport fishing for saltwater and freshwater fish. Enjoy world-class sport fishing in Alaska’s pristine waters. Trophy Sport Fishing in Southeast Alaska. All five species of salmon, halibut and over 20 kinds of rockfish can be caught in local waters. Fly fishing and spin casting for fresh sea-run Coho, Dog and Pink salmon in Alaska streams is the experience of a lifetime. Fresh water fishing for Dolly Vardon, Rainbow, Steelhead and Cutthroat trout is abundant in the Sitka Area.

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Additional Details

  • TYPES OF HUNTS:Cancellation Hunts, Cull/Meat Hunts, Free Range/Fair Chase Hunts, River Boat, Sea Boat, Spot and Stalk Hunts, Trophy Hunts
  • HUNTING HARDWARE:Rifle, Muzzleload, Archery/Bow, Fishing Rod
  • HUNTING LAND:Open Range, Public
  • HUNTING ACCOMMODATIONS:Safari, Hunting Cabin, Tent
  • MIGRATORY BIRDS:Migratory Birds, Duck
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  • BEAR:Alaska Brown, Black, Grizzly, Kodiak, Pacific Coastal Black
  • CARIBOU / REINDEER:Alaska-Yukon
  • DANGEROUS GAME:Grizzly Bear
  • DEER:Alaska Sitka Blacktailed
  • GOATS:American Mountain
  • FRESHWATER FISH:Freshwater fish, Chinook Salmon, Chum Salmon, Coho Salmon / Silver Salmon, Cutthroat Trout, Dolly Varden, King Salmon, Pink Salmon, Rainbow Trout, Steelhead Rainbow Trout
  • SALTWATER FISH:Saltwater Fish, Atlantic Halibut, Atlantic Salmon, King Salmon, Pacific Halibut, Pink Salmon / Humpback Salmon, Rainbow Trout, Sockeye Salmon / Red Salmon, Steelhead