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Luxury Wingshooting Lodge and Big Game Hunting Ranch in Argentina

Bird Hunting Lodges for Ducks, Doves, Partridges and Pigeons. Big Game Hunts for Water Buffalo, Wild Boar, Axis and Blackbuck

Since 1984, ABH (Argentina’s Best Hunting) have put together the best hunting and fishing program in Argentina; this vast experience has been essential to be able to provide excellence in service apart from outstanding hunting and fishing. When you choose to stay in one of our lodges, you have guaranteed a perfect mix of a variety of species, gourmet cuisine, incredible wines and much more. We aim for you to have not only great hunting but also to make your trip the best hunting and fishing vacation ever.


Located in Entre Rios province, and by the Parana River, this estancia is open all year round, and offers the guest the best mixed bag hunting, with variety of species that it is hard to believe. Ducks, doves, partridges and pigeons, in the same area, between the month of May to August, give you the chance to have the best experience ever.

Dove hunting and Dorado fishing are the stars between the months of September to April, whether you choose to do both at the same time or only one, the experience will prove to be out of this world and more.

With 10 rooms with private bathroom, a complete SPA with massage room, sauna, jacuzzi, swimming pool with the wonderful view of Parana river, and the best cuisine, this lodge is a great place to share with family and friends.


This lodge has been redesigned for you, being now the best private lodge for small parties up to 6 hunters in the area. Here you will enjoy a Mixed Bag that includes 5 days of pigeon, ducks, partridges and doves, as well as dorado fishing. This lodge with thatched roof, stone floors stewn with woven rugs, wood and brass ornaments, with a complete SPA, all contribute toward a rustic atmosphere with is in perfect harmony with the wildness of the surrounding nature. 6 rooms with 5 bathrooms, air conditioning, a cozy living room, a gun room where the hunt lives on in anecdotes and preparation, a swimming pool surrounded by extensive grounds, provide comfort which makes the visitor’s stay even more pleasant. Located in Esquina, Corrientes province, is a charming refuge where the hunt for duck, pigeon, partridge and doves, plus dorado fishing, make for and exclusive adventure, blending the activity with the best cuisine, wines and lodging.


September to April


Estancia Cortaderas is one of the lodges with most diverse type of programs that
Argentina has to offer.

We are finally proud offering the Cast & Blast program where guests will be able to
hunt high volume Doves, and Catch Dorados on the Parana River, with the option of
adding some Pigeon Hunting.
This program will give the opportunity of tracking a Golden Dorado only 5 minutes from
the lodge with the possibility to get back to the Lodge for Lunch, then after a short
‘Siesta’ plenty of time to go out and shoot some cases of shells on Doves which are
only 20 Minutes away from the Lodge.

The Dove Hunt
Dove hunt in this area is unreal!

Only a few minutes to the field and you will be experiencing dove shooting up to your
record and plus!

The Fishing
The Parana is one of the largest rivers in South America and with this great amount of
water comes the mythical Golden Dorado (Shine bar of Gold) this fish which loves to
give a good fight, will catch flies, lures, bates etc...


From September to April


High volume dove hunting has put Argentina on the map as the world’s ultimate bird
shooting destination. The quantity of doves in the region where Argentina’s Best
Hunting operates is among the most impressive in Argentina and the world. Shooting
over 2,000 rounds a day is not unusual!
The High Volume Dove Shooting season runs all year round, but from September to
April, rates are almost 50% Off. You could also combine this program with Pigeon
Hunting and Dorado Fishing, having the great possibility to experience 3 of the most
popular species in Argentina.
Daily Rates, per person, at Las Cortaderas Lodge, just for Doves, are as follows:
Dove Hunting program: 465 USD (double occupancy)
Gun Rental: 60 USD
Subtotal per day for Dove Program: 525 USD x 4 days = 2100 USD
Hunting license: 100 USD (for the 3 days)
Total Dove Package: 2200 USD plus shells and personal extras
Shells: 12 USD per box of 25 shots
Bird boy: 50 USD
Tips are not included and are at your discretion (40 USD / 50 USD per day is a
These rates include:
Ø 4 nights of full deluxe lodging in double occupancy rooms, with private
bathrooms at Estancia Cortaderas (10 rooms, double occupancy)
Ø 4 full Dove Hunting
Ø Gun rental
Ø Hunting License
Ø Full boarding service: American Style breakfast, Prime Argentinean Beef for
lunch, snacks and dinner with great variety of game bird dishes (please advise
for a special dietary)
Ø Open bar with the best Argentine Malbec wines, liquors and soft beverages
Ø Transfer in/out from Parana / Santa Fe airport and also to hunting areas
Ø Assistance during your stay, with english speaking lodge staff and guides



From May to August

The Mixed Bag Program at Cortaderas or Malalcue has been a one of the gems

Argentina’s Best Hunting has been delighting guests with year after year. It is a well-
known program for its quality and variety of hunts. Being able to combine duck

hunting, partridges, doves and also an amazing pigeon hunt along with this
Dorado Fishing and then relaxing at the lodge is not something you get to see every
day. This program proves to be the real wing shooting adventure!


It can be flexible, but normally we would do the duck and partridges in the morning,
doves and fishing in the afternoon, always coming back to the lodge for lunch and a
nap maybe. For the pigeon we do a full hunting day with a complete lunch in the field.
The night before the hunting, your hunting guide will organize the schedule with you all.

Typical Program:
Day 1: AM - arrive at the lodge PM - Dove Shooting
Day 2: AM - Partridge Hunt PM - Dorado Fishing
Day 3: AM - Duck Hunt PM - Dove Shooting
Day 4: full Pigeon hunt
Day 5: AM - Partridge Hunt PM - Dorado Fishing
Day 6: AM - Duck Hunt PM: depart from Lodge

Partridge: there is a limit of 8 bird per person, per day (or 50 shotgun shells)
Duck:there is a limit of 25 birds per person, per day (or 100 shotgun shells)

You can have exclusive use with 6 hunters at Malalcue Lodge, or 10 hunters at Las
Cortaderas Lodge.

Q Doves, Dorado and Big Game

Big game, wingshooting and Dorado fishing.

Argentina’s Best Hunting is one of the only companies that offers you the most diverse type of programs that Argentina has to offer: Wingshooting, Big Game, and Fishing, all in one program, along with 5 stars accommodation, gourmet meals, service and attention to every single detail.

Included in Doves, Dorado and Big Game package
4 nights at Estacia Cortaderas
2 nights at Malalcue lodge
2 dove hunting days
2 Dorado fishing days
2 Big Game hunting days
Transfers in/out from Santa Fe / Parana airport
All meals: Breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks
All beverages and open bar
Double occupancy with private bathroom
Air conditioning in every room
Heating in every room
Fishing guide
Hunting guide
WiFi Internet
Maid service
Gun cleaning service
Steam room, dry sauna and indoor jacuzzi
All local taxes

Need more information?

Sample Itinerary for Dove, Dorado and Big Game Hunting package

Day 1
Morning: Upon arrival to EZEIZA International Airport in Buenos Aires, your party will be met by an Argentina’s Best Hunting representative who will assist with gun clearing at customs (if traveling with guns) and then will transfer you on a short drive to domestic airport. If using private charter services, you will be taken to FBO Private Flight terminal at international airport directly after custom clearance.

Note: commercial domestic flights in Argentina do not depart from the “Ezeiza” international airport, making necessary a drive across town to the domestic airport, “Aeroparque”. Your party will be escorted by a rep. throughout this transfer. After a 50 minute flight, you will be met at Santa Fe or Parana Airport by Argentina’s Best Hunting Staff who will drive you to Estancia Cortaderas lodge where you will be welcome with Argentinian appetizers followed by an exquisite gourmet meal.

Afternoon: You will start your Hunting adventure with dove shooting after a short drive to the field, where everything will be set and ready for the fun to begin. At the end of the hunt, we drive back to the Lodge, where you will be able to relax at the Spa, enjoy a great meal and rest.

Day 2, 3 and 4
Morning: The day will start with a full breakfast and straight to the river to have an amazing fishing experience with the beautiful and aggressive Golden Dorado Fish.

Midday: Back for another gourmet meal at Estancia Cortaderas, you will be greeted with drinks and snacks, after a wonderful fishing session.

Afternoon: You have rested at the lodge and now you are heading for another high volume dove hunt, and by now you know you are the one who will set the limit. After this hunt, we’ll drive you to Malalcue Lodge, for dinner, SPA, and relax time.

Day 5 and 6
The day will start early with a full breakfast and go straight to the hunting field, and have your first experience with Big Game; these 2 full days you will have the possibility of hunting Wild Boar, Blackbuck Antelope, Axis Deer as well as Water Buffalo; you just need to tell us your choice on which animal you prefer to hunt these 2 full days; could be only 2, or experience the 4 of them.

Midday: Lunch can be organized at Malalcue Lodge, or even at the field, depending on the weather, distances, schedules and preferences.

Afternoon: After a short relax, your hunt will continue during the afternoon, as it was scheduled previously. After this hunt, we’ll drive back to Malalcue Lodge, for dinner, SPA, and relax time.

Day 7
Morning: Your last morning can be organized with a Dove Hunt, Dorado fishing, or Big Game hunting, according to your preferences. Depending on your flight schedules, we will transfer you back to the airport where we will be assisting you with checking in with the airline.

Your request has been submitted successfully.

Additional Details

  • TYPES OF HUNTS:Driven Hunts, Free Range/Fair Chase Hunts, River Boat
  • HUNTING HARDWARE:Rifle, Shotgun, Fishing Rod
  • HUNTING LAND:Open Range
  • HUNTING ACCOMMODATIONS:Luxury, Hunting Lodge
  • MIGRATORY BIRDS:Migratory Birds, Dove, Duck, Perdiz, Pigeon
Show all
  • DANGEROUS GAME:Water Buffalo, Wild Boar
  • GAZELLE:Blackbuck
  • FRESHWATER FISH:Golden Dorado