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Florida Gator and Hog Hunting Lodge

Corporate and Family Trips to Hunt Hog or Alligator in Florida

Our lodge is perfect for accommodating large or small groups and is situated in the heart of our acreage. You’ll enjoy access to the cabin grounds and a fully-stocked kitchen. We have chefs to prepare your meals while you relax and unwind. You’ll feel right at home here at Gator Raiderz.

Our Hunting Lodge Features:

  • Multiple cabins for large and small groups
  • Fully stocked kitchen
  • Chefs on staff
  • Fire pits for after-hour story telling
  • Outdoor picnic tables and lighted grounds

Hunting Adventure Vacation Packages are Available for:

  • Gator Hunts
  • Hog Hunts
  • Bowfishing Expeditions
  • Airboat Rides
  • Corporate Retreats
  • Extreme gator hunts, hog hunts and bowfishing

Feral Hog and Alligator Hunting Outfitters in South Florida

Compound Bow, Snatch Hook, Crossbow, Rifle, Pistol, or Harpoon Hunting Trips

We have a 100% success rate for the past 4 straight years on 1-night hunts!

Gator Raiderz invites you down to Southwest Florida to experience the best gator hunting, hog hunting and bowfishing the state has to offer! Our professional guide will show you some of the most beautiful sites in Florida, some of which are only accessible by airboat. We’re one of the few outfitters in Florida with access to 20,000 acres of private lakes and land for gator hunting year-round!

We offer year-round hunting with one of Florida’s most reputable outfitters on 20,000 acres of private land throughout the South Florida region. Some areas are accessible by foot and buggy, while some are accessible only by airboat. Depending on the situation and terrain, choose your own methods of harvesting the gators. This is not a high fence or “set-up” hunt, these are 100% wild gators.

We specialize in hunting Florida’s beautiful lakes and rivers for huge alligators and can provide you with an awesome experience you’ll never forget. We offer fully guided hunts that include all the different types of gear you may want to use from a simple re-curve bow to a laser-sighted crossbow. Depending on the lake, we do our hunts off an airboat or bay boat and can accommodate one to four persons.  If we are able to fill your tags early, we can finish the night off with some bowfishing or frog gigging at no extra charge.

Hunt Trophy Alligators with Florida’s Premier Hunting Outfitter

Our professional guide, Captain Dave Smith, has been hunting gators over 20 years and maintains a 100% shot opportunity. He is USCG licensed and insured and uses all kinds of methods to safely harvest gators. You can pick your choice of throwing a snatch hook, using a crossbow or harpoon. Captain Smith was born and raised in southwest Florida and has been fishing since he was old enough to walk. His expertise and experience ensures a successful trip regardless of whether you bowfish on a private lake or hunt hogs and allegators.

Hunt Alligator at Night in Florida

100% Kill Rate on Bow and Rifle Alligator Hunts

Most hunts are done at night and it may take all night to harvest your ‘gator. We conduct hunts from both land and airboat. Contact us on the chatbox below for an exciting adventure you’ll never forget.  In the past 4 straight years we have not failed!

One Night Hunt – Fill your tags! Price includes airboat guide and all equipment needed. There is no extra charge for a ride-along companion.

Two Night Hunt Special – Hunt a second night. If we manage to fill both Tags in one night, you can try some Bow Fishing and Frog Gigging the second night.

Public Access Gator Hunts in Florida are available August 15 – October 31.

Our one-night hunts have a 100% success rate for the past 4 straight years However, we highly recommend 2 nights to allow you more time to hold out for your trophy of a lifetime! No trophy fees. We go for the largest gator we can find!  

Alligator hunting requires a permit. Each alligator hunting permit includes two CITES tags, authorizing the holder to harvest two alligators. Applications are accepted starting in May. Contact us through the chatbox below for more information. We recommend this hunt for those who are looking for that Trophy Gator! There are no additional ride-along fees or trophy fees.  Bring your spouse or a friend to share this experience!

We can also provide you with the processing and taxidermy needs for your ‘gator.

If you’re interested in an adventure vacation, do a combo hunt – Kill an alligator and then kill hog right after your gator!

Feral Hog Hunting with Crossbow, Rifle, or Pistol

Year-Round Hunting with One of Florida’s Most Reputable Outfitters

Our year-round hog hunts take place throughout the South Florida region. Depending on the situation and terrain, we use multiple methods of harvesting hogs. You may choose to use a crossbow, rifle or pistol. Hog hunts are done at both day and night. High fence or free-range hunts, these are 100% wild hogs.

Florida Outfitter for Bowfishing, Hog and Alligator Hunting in Florida

Florida’s Best Bowfishing Outfitter

Bowfishing from Airboats in Florida

We do our bowfishing off of airboats. With no underwater exhaust or propeller, an airboat doesn’t alarm the fish until we’re already close enough to shoot them. We’ll glide down the rivers and across the flats slow and easy so you can sneak up on the big ones!

Captain has been fishing the surrounding waters since he could walk. His knowledge and experience will ensure you have a super successful bowfishing trip. We have two airboats with brand new sodium lights and generators to provide you a clear view of the water so you can get a perfect shot. Our trips are all-inclusive. We provide high quality recurve and compound bows with reels on them and we’ll even show you how to use them! Use the chatbox below for more information on our bowfishing adventure.

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Additional Details

  • TYPES OF HUNTS:Charity & Challenged Hunts, Free Range/Fair Chase Hunts, Lake Boat, Spot and Stalk Hunts, Trophy Hunts
  • HUNTING HARDWARE:Rifle, Shotgun, Muzzleload, Pistol, Archery/Bow, Spear/Knife, Fishing Rod
  • HUNTING LAND:High Fence, Open Range, Public
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  • WILD BOAR / WILD HOGS:North American Wild Hogs
  • FRESHWATER FISH:Freshwater fish
  • SALTWATER FISH:Sheepshead