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Iowa Hunting Outfitters

Access Private Hunting Ranches and Preserves in Iowa for Whitetail Deer and Turkey

IMB Outfitters is the most qualitative “Trophy Whitetail Deer Hunting Service” in the nation, located with premium lodges and trophy whitetail deer hunts in Illinois, Iowa, and Missouri. No other “Free Roaming Whitetail Outfitting Hunt Service in America has accomplished higher quality standards than IMB Outfitters.  The hunting industry seldom mandates any hunt outfitting service to follow a set of business guidelines, thereby leaving ample opportunity for hunt outfitters and hunt guides to deviate from a high quality standard of business.  It is vital to hunt with a high quality whitetail deer hunt service if you wish to be successful.

Turkey Hunts in Iowa

IMB Outfitters offers Eastern Turkey hunting in Iowa from wonderful Lodges on the best hunting land in the Midwest.

Book a Group of 3 Hunters & Get the 4th Turkey Hunt FREE!

Iowa presents the modern day turkey hunter with a pure species of Eastern Turkeys. The average bird our clients harvest is around 25 lbs, 10 inch beard, and over 1 ¼ inch spurs. Both fully and semi guided hunts are available with fully guided hunts averaging a higher success rate.  Bottomline is if you can call in your own birds a semi guided hunt is really all you need.

Simply put, if you’re not hunting Zone 5 of Iowa, your not hunting Iowa. When setting up our hunt camp locations we not only selected the highest quality States to hunt but also selected to hunt the highest ranking Counties in those States.  Careful research will display that it’s not enough to just hunt a good State.  You must research the State and discover what areas in what States are the “hot spots” for trophy whitetail deer. Iowa gun tags are easily obtained.  Iowa bow tags take around 3 years to obtain.  In the State of Iowa if the hunter doesn’t kill by the end of his or her hunt we let you stay in camp until you do kill.  This is a huge bonus for Iowa hunters to book with IMB Outfitters.

Iowa Deer Hunting Outfitters

IMB Outfitters offers trophy whitetail deer hunting in Zone 5 of Iowa. Iowa is without doubt the heavyweight of Midwestern Whitetail States. Iowa ranks as the #2, State in the Nation according to the Pope and Young, and Boone and Crockett Record Books. Interestingly enough this state ranks as #2, but hands out the fewest whitetail tags of any state with the exception of Kansas. Imagine the statement, “2nd Fewest tags available, 2nd best State in the Nation.” Darrin Bradley, Owner IMB Outfitters, states, “If you pursue 160 inch plus bucks you must hunt Iowa.” Early in record book recordings the State of Iowa boasted of record book entries from its Northeastern regions of Zones 1 and 2 but all that has changed. The quality whitetail deer herd is now found predominantly in the South Central and South Eastern portion of the State known as Zone 5. This is where we are located and it is also home to the new World Record Lowenstein Buck.

Firearms Hunts in IA

The State of Iowa limits firearm hunters to shotgun, muzzleloader or handgun only during the Firearms Seasons. No rifles are allowed. While this may discourage the booking of gun hunts by some sportsmen, it is common knowledge that these same limitations may be the chief reason for the existence of trophy bucks in this state. Simply put, when you limit hunters to shotgun or muzzleloader you limit the distances they are able to shoot. In turn by doing so, deer live longer as they are more difficult to harvest. All this equals longer life spans and larger racks. The firearms tags are applied for through a lottery process in May which IMB Outfitters will assist you with. The Iowa Firearm Lottery has yielded an estimated 85% tag obtainment success rate in the past for IMB hunters. Although tags are NOT a guarantee, they are relatively easy to obtain. In fact we have had Iowa hunters that drew Firearms tags several years in a row.  The Iowa gun hunt is exceptional because of the difficulty of obtaining an Iowa Archery Tag.  Because it’s so very hard to get an Iowa archery tag, our Iowa farms nearly go unhunted until gun season.  This fact has given birth to a very naïve whitetail deer herd with the biggest bucks in America.

Muzzleloader Hunts:

Iowa offers a muzzleloader only hunt in late December early January. Muzzleloader only hunters may choose any 4 days between the dates below for muzzleloader season. The tag is obtained in a lottery process occurring in May. These hunts are very successful but can prove to be brutally cold with temps hovering around 10 degrees at certain times.  The Iowa Muzzleloader only hunt always ranks in our top 3 hunts presented each year.  Some real monsters hit the ground on the late muzzleloader hunt.  Late season hunting in some States is very poor.  Iowa is not one of those States.  Late season hunting is terrific here.  In 2015, 2016, and 2017 our Iowa late season muzzleloader hunt produces the highest success rates of any hunt we offered.

Iowa Archery Hunts:

Iowa presents some of the best archery hunting in the world for trophy whitetails. Bowtags are difficult to obtain for 1st year applicants. Normally it is a three year process to obtain an Iowa Archery Tag. Usually the first year you apply for a tag in May you are denied and awarded a preference point. Most often times when the applicant applies the 4th year, he or she obtains the tag. IMB Outfitters suggests you book two years in advance for an Iowa Archery hunt. Another common booking by hunters is the hunter will book in Missouri, during their first year with IMB Outfitters. We will help you obtain your Iowa preference points so you may return to hunt the following year in Iowa with IMB Outfitters. It’s a hunt well worth the wait. The archery season runs from October 1 to January 15, but wise hunters don’t waste a Iowa archery tag on a non-rut hunt. The best dates for Iowa Archery hunting fall between Oct. 25 and Nov. 8.

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