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Affordable Hunting Packages and Prices for Guided and DIY Self-Guided Whitetail Hunting

We offer $800 5 day/night bow hunt.  125″ minimum buck rule.  Cabin is basic and we do not walk you to stands or cook food for you.  We run 4 auto-corn feeders and many food plots.  Call or email for photos.  Gun hunts are $1,900 per hunter and turkey hunts are 3 days/night for $500 per hunter.  We do not mix strangers at camp or on the property during a Kentucky deer hunt.


Pre-Rut / Rut 125′ Min. Buck Rule 5 days/5 nights

$800 per bow hunter – no strangers permitted on property or at camp during your hunt

Trophy Rifle Hunt November​

$1,900 per hunter – 4 days/4 nights

Spring Turkey Hunt 3 days/3 nights

$500 per hunter



DIY Kentucky Whitetail Deer Hunts

Expect some green lush pasture on the hunting grounds.  Hunt your choice of 13+ food plots including Alfalfa, clover, brassicas, rape, oats, cereal rye, austrian peas, etc.  We have 3 to 4 auto-feeders throwing out corn day and night to make your Kentucky deer hunt more successful.  We do not walk you to your stands or cook your food.  Some people shoot 2 bucks and others go home empty-handed.  Hunting is a skill sport, not a participation trophy sport.

Kentucky Pre-Rut and Rut Hunting

All things being equal, of course you’d choose the pre-rut and rut Kentucky deer hunt. Of course most of us are not multi-millionaires, so considerations such as cost, time off work and location of the Kentucky deer hunt you choose comes into consideration.  If there are no limits to hunting deer in Kentucky, then you would factor in moon phases, wind speed, wind direction, temperature, precipitation forecast, etc.

Deer Hunting Season in KY

Hunting in Kentucky almost guarantees you a trophy buck.

So for your Kentucky deer hunt with a Kentucky outfitter you need to first selective a timeframe.  This is a big consideration prior to choosing a Kentucky deer hunting Outfitter.

That Kentucky deer season usually fall for 10 days in mid November.  For those wanting to do Kentucky bow hunting, you have a much longer season that goes on into December.

Rifle Deer Season in KY

Gun hunting in Kentucky almost guarantees you a trophy buck.

It’s November 6th and my favorite time of the year is near; Kentucky whitetail hunting season.   All my planning and “work” from the previous 10+ months comes into action and I just sit back and watch the animals come to me and my hunters!  I contribute a lot of my management success to a few separate 20 acre chunks of land that have grown up into pines, thickets and scrub.  By not turning this area into food plots or cleaning it up for timber growth value, it’s created a safe heaven deer learn about.  When fair weather outdoorsman get out a few weeks prior to season, they start kicking up bucks that thought they have a easy and safe place to bed down.  And when the Kentucky whitetail hunting gets into full swing during modern gun season, the bucks are really bumped from their locations and they seemingly come and concentrate around my pines and blackberry thickets.  It’s not they stay there like cattle, it’s just they know the area and know that is some of the thickest cover their minds can remember.

Kentucky Bow Hunting Season for Whitetail

Private Ranch for Late Season Deer Bow Hunts

Kentucky bow hunting should be wonderful at the ranch this year.  Kentucky outfitters should all consider maximizing the late season potential for the evasive whitetail to show it’s face.  Kentucky deer hunting leases are not all made equally.  Kentucky deer hunting guides vary from property owner to property owner.  Please take the time to come see a wonderful Kentucky deer hunting outfitter in person to determine your next late season whitetail hunt.

Kentucky Whitetail Deer Hunting Guides and Outfitters

As someone who prides himself as a professional Kentucky hunting guide, my success comes from sharing the outdoors with others.  You get to the point where you just enjoy the time of the year and feed off other people’s whitetail stories and Kentucky deer hunting adventures.  Deer hunting in Kentucky has now reached recognition levels that of Iowa and Illinois.  I contribute the whitetail hunting boom to the hillside and rocky bottom terrain that will forever limit urban sprawl and developers from taking over deer habitat.  Also the Kentucky Whitetail Outfitters deserve a lot of the credit for managing their land and limited the harvesting of smaller less mature bucks.  Quality deer and land management is key for our Bluegrass state to continue the excellent hunting  culture we currently boast.

Private Deer Hunting Ranch

The Kentucky deer hunts for sale that I offer have the 11 months worth of quality deer management in place.  I’ve spent the money to make my whitetail habitat as attractive as anyone could make it.  I’ve bought the bulldozers, the backhoes, the tractors, the equipment, the sprayers, all implements, etc.  Most of all, the biggest asset to my property are the people who manage it.  When I’m not writing checks, I’ll be the first one to pick up rocks out of a food plot or cut up a tree that has fallen down in a trail.  These are things we do for enjoyment.  If I see a utilization cage that has been beat up too much by the deer, I gladly go stake up another one.  The use of game cameras to get those trail photos are what people want when looking for paid Kentucky deer hunts, so I’m going to be focusing my efforts on that a little more in the years to come.

Guided Whitetail Deer Hunts in Kentucky

Our Kentucky guided deer hunts  include a detailed map on how to access each of the stands, each of the food plots and all the trails.  The location of auto-feeders are revealed as well and stagnant wonder ponds and mineral sites.  I can’t offer any more advice than what I can put on paper.  Of course there are wind considerations and certain bedding areas to be mindful of, but I put a little extra faith in my hunters.  A hands-on guide is probably ideal, especially when you’re looking for someone to field dress your buck and help you load it, etc.

So what constitutes a guided deer hunt?  It’s important for those interested in booking their first hunt with a Kentucky outfitter to learn about the small nuances and variables for you to be a better informed buyer of a paid hunting trip.  I have yet to find a whitetail hunting guide that sits with you during the entire adventure.  It’s pretty standards for the professional Kentucky guides to drive you out to your specific deer stand and pick you up upon your request.  The work has been done the 11 months prior to your arrival.  The hunting guides simply offer where they’ve been seeing deer and the best possible hunting spots for either the current days weather condition, wind direction and/or timing of your hunt.

Deer Hunting Cabin

It’s a small but quaint cabin.  Interior is 1-inch thick barn wood on both the walls and the flooring.  It’s well insulated with an overall dimension of 16X24 with an overhang off the front porch.  A slider window is on the back wall so that you can overlook a clover food plot should you decide to stay in the cabin for a sitting.

Furnishings to Expect:

  • pull out couch
  • bunk beds
  • chairs/table
  • gas cooking stove
  • coffee pot
  • basic cooking utensils & throw-away plates/cups
  • gas lights
  • gas heat​
  • sleeping bags and pillows

This is an off-the-grid cabin, which means you get gas lights, gas heat, gas cook stove, no electricity, and no running water.

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