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Namibia Hunting Outfitters

Affordable Hunting Packages and Prices in Namibia for Dangerous Game, Big Game, Plains Game, Waterfowl and Upland Birds Hunts

Our hunting area covers over 175 000 acres of rangeland. Kamab Lodge which has been in the family for three generations boasts a magnificent diversity of the Namibian landscape. Being situated on the high plateau of the central region of Namibia, Kamab Lodge enjoys the advantage of a moderately cool climate.

Open plains, fertile basins, majestic dams, picturesque riverbeds and rugged mountain ranges with extensive views, exist side by side. The terrain is ideal for walk and stalk hunts either with a rifle or a bow as well as extended hikes armed with your camera allowing for the large variety of species to be experienced at their most spectacular.

Huntable Game Species in Namibia

Kudu, Oryx (Gemsbuck), Hartebeest, Springbok, Warthog, Common Duiker, Steenbuck, Damara Dik-dik, Mountain & Burchell’s zebra, Leopard, Cheetah, Black & Blue Wildebeest, Waterbuck, Sable antelope, Roan antelope, Eland, Giraffe, Baboon, Jackal, Waterfowl and Gamebirds. Hunting of other species can be arranged on request. All game animals are part of a successful and effective management program which has been in effect for the last 50 years.

Namibia Hunting Safaris

Our safaris range from 5 -12 days long. A four-wheel drive vehicle, fitted with two-way radios, will be driven by your professional hunter to the most probable hunting grounds where African plains game roams.

As our safaris are from sustainable wildlife populations, they are strictly ethical, and based on fair chase, that once the game is spotted, you and your professional hunter will leave the vehicle to stalk on foot. Your professional hunter will then guide you by selecting the trophy you will take.

Due to our effective wildlife management program, which has been in effect for the last 50 years, the area is never over-hunted. This makes it possible for you to have an extraordinary adventure every day and to take exceptional trophies that could be world record.

Trophy Hunting Safaris in Namibia

  • Black Wildebeest
  • Blesbok
  • Blue Wildebeest
  • Burchell’s zebra
  • Chacma Baboon
  • Cheetah
  • Common Duiker
  • Common Impala
  • Damara dik-dik
  • Eland
  • Gemsbok (Oryx)
  • Giraffe
  • Greater Kudu
  • Klipspringer
  • Lechwe
  • Leopard
  • Mountain Zebra (Hartmann)
  • Red Hartebeest
  • Roan Antelope
  • Sable Antelope
  • Springbok
  • Steenbok
  • Warthog
  • Waterbuck


Namibia Safaris Hunting Packages

Makadi Safaris Specials


Early season special (February/March) – 5 day hunt at U$ 3210:

This offer is for one hunter hunting 1×1 with the following animals included: 2 Gemsbuck, 1 Warthog, 1 Blue Wildebeest.

Same offer for 2 hunters hunting 2×1 – each U$ 2710


5 day special offer at U$ 4850:

This offer is for one hunter, hunting 1×1 with the following animals included: 1 Gemsbuck, 1 Blue Wildebeest, 1 Springbuck.

Same offer for 2 hunters hunting 2×1 – each U$ 4350.


7 day special plains game hunt at U$ 7920:

This offer is for one hunter, hunting 1×1 with the following animals included: 1 Kudu, 1 Springbuck, 1 Gemsbuck, 1 Zebra.

Same offer for 2 hunters hunting 2×1 – each U$ 6950.


12 day  Leopard special  at U$ 18 000:

This offer is for a dedicated Leopard hunt for one hunter. Included is everything but bait animals at U$ 150 and the Leopard trophy at

U$ 6000.

Your request has been submitted successfully.

Additional Details

  • TYPES OF HUNTS:Cancellation Hunts, Cull/Meat Hunts, Free Range/Fair Chase Hunts, Spot and Stalk Hunts, Thermal/Night Vision, Trophy Hunts
  • HUNTING HARDWARE:Rifle, Shotgun, Muzzleload, Pistol, Archery/Bow, Fishing Rod
  • HUNTING LAND:Low Fence, Open Range, Private Lease
  • NUMBER OF ACRES:175,000
  • HUNTING ACCOMMODATIONS:Luxury, Safari, Hunting Lodge
  • MIGRATORY BIRDS:Migratory Birds
Show all
  • UPLAND BIRDS:Upland Birds
  • BLESBOK:Common
  • BIG CATS:African Leopard
  • DAMALISCUS:Blesbok
  • DUIKER:Common
  • IMPALAS:Common
  • LECHWE:Common
  • ORYX / GEMSBOK:Addax, Namibian
  • PYGMY ANTELOPE:Klipspringer, Steenbok/Steenbuck, Damara Dik-Dik
  • ROAN:Southern, Western
  • SABLE:Common
  • STEENBUCK:Steenbok
  • WATERBUCK:Common
  • WILDEBEEST:Black, Blue
  • WILD BOAR / WILD HOGS:African WartHog
  • ZEBRA:Cape Mountain, Hartmann's Mountain