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Montana Horseback Hunting in Custer Gallatin National Forest

We specialize in Montana OTC Archery and General Elk Hunting, as well as Guided Mule Deer, Unlimited Bighorn Sheep, Mountain Lion and Spring Black Bear Hunts.

We primarily hunt the steep and rugged wilderness of southwest Montana, home to the best elk hunting in Montana. This country is home to some of the best general-unit elk hunting anywhere in the Rockies. It may not be a household name like the Bob Marshall or the Frank Church, but we’re ok with that. With a growing elk population and a very high concentration of bulls, this may be the best general-unit elk hunting anywhere in the Rockies today.  With little recognition and subsequently low hunting pressure, it just keeps getting better each year. The area falls under Montana’s general license, making it an easy tag to acquire. If you’re looking for a quality bull elk hunt that you can do this year, without waiting years for a tag or the hassle of preference points, this is one you must consider.

2020 Montana Archery Elk Season Hunts

Our lodge archery hunts are conducted out of nice lodge with great food and hospitality. We will hunt National Forest lands by pickup and horseback. Our wilderness camp hunts are extremely limited to a maximum of two hunters on each hunt. These wilderness camps represent excellent elk numbers and bull elk trophy quality. Please call for specific availability within the date ranges below.

Montana General Elk Season Hunts 2019

Lodge hunts during the general rifle season are conducted out of nice lodge with great food and hospitality. We will hunt National Forest lands by pickup and horseback.  These are 6-day hunts. Hunters should arrive the previous day by late morning to check rifles, etc.

Our wilderness camp hunts during the general rifle season are 8-day trips. This includes a pack-in day, a pack-out day, and six total days of hunting. Our wilderness camps are extremely limited, with a maximum of two to three hunters per hunt.

November 2020 Mule Deer Rut Hunts

The steep and rugged country near our headquarters in Big Timber, Montana is home to some outstanding trophy mule deer. And there’s no better time to hunt them than during the November rut. In fact, Montana is one of few places that allows the opportunity to hunt mule deer with a rifle throughout the rut. We use horses to hunt remote wilderness basins when the big bucks start coming out of the woodwork. This late season hunt provides a great opportunity to take a big, mountain muely.

Montana Spring Black Bear Hunts 2020

Montana is the destination for spot-and-stalk spring bear hunts in the lower 48. And the area near our headquarters in Big Timber is home to a healthy population of big bears. No sitting in stands. No baiting. This is true mountain hunting for spring black bears.

2019 Montana Unlimited Bighorn Sheep Hunts

Montana offers an opportunity that isn’t available anywhere else in the world. In a few select units, sheep tags are issued to anyone who applies. The country is rugged and the hunting is tough, but with the help of an outfitter who has done extensive scouting and has intimate knowledge of the area’s rams, this can be a great opportunity at a Rocky Mountain bighorn ram.

We are permitted to outfit bighorn sheep hunts in an area of Montana that issues these unlimited sheep tags. This might be the best opportunity anywhere in the lower 48 to harvest a bighorn ram, and certainly at a fraction of the cost of bighorn hunts in places like Alberta. Our experience, excellent horses and proximity to the area allow us to give our clients the best possible chance on this unique hunt.

Montana Mountain Lion Hunting

Near our headquarters in Big Timber, Montana we have access to some exceptional mountain lion hunting. These areas are very productive for big, mature toms. As with most lion hunts, a hunter’s ability to be “on call” will drastically increase chances for success.

Wilderness elk hunting – the way you’ve always imagined

We are fortunate to hunt expansive wilderness areas that offer unparalleled opportunities for solitude and adventure. In addition to archery and rifle season hunts, Montana offers a unique opportunity to hunt elk with a rifle during the rut in September. But this is only available in select – and extremely remote – wilderness areas.

There are also great opportunities for November hunts for big mule deer in the rut, spring black bear hunts, unlimited bighorn sheep hunts and mountain lion hunts.

These hunts may be conducted from a lodge or upper wilderness camp and can be customized based on the individual needs of each client or group. We use horse and mule power to access remote areas and the best hunting opportunities and can provide horses for riders of any ability level.

Whether you’re looking for big bull elk, trophy mule deer, spot-and-stalk spring bear, the thrill of a lion chase, or the chance to harvest a Rocky Mountain Bighorn, this area offers it all with no waiting and no preference points. With a booming elk population and incredible game density, this area is home to some of the best general-unit wilderness hunting anywhere. The country is big, steep, and packed with opportunities for adventure. We’ll get you there.

We specialize in horseback hunting trips in Montana for Elk, Whitetail deer, Mule Deer, Bighorn sheep, Black Bear and Mountain Lion in the rugged and remote wilderness areas of southwest Montana.

The area is comprised of steep, rugged back-country wilderness near our headquarters in Big Timber, Montana. The bull-to-cow ratio is very high and this area consistently produces big numbers of trophy-quality bulls. This is real backcountry elk hunting at its absolute best.

Q 2019 Montana Archery Season prices

2-on-1 Guided Hunt for 6 Days

1-on-1 Guided Hunt for 6 Days

1-on-1 Guided Hunt for 8 Days

2-on-1 Guided Hunt for 8 Days

Q 2019 Montana Rifle Season Hunts prices

2-on-1 Guided Hunt for 6 Days

1-on-1 Guided Hunt for 6 Days

2-on-1 Guided Hunt for 8 Days

1-on-1 Guided Hunt for 8 Days

October 26th to November 28th

October 25th to December 2nd

Q 2019 Montana Late Season Combo Hunts prices

2-on-1 Guided Hunt for 7 Days

1-on-1 Guided Hunt for 7 Days

November 19th - December 1st, 2019

Q 2019 Late Season November Mule Deer Rut Hunts prices

5 Day Hunt
2-on-1 Guided

Q 2019 Montana's Unlimited sheep hunts prices

$8,500 with trophy fee of $4,50

Q 2019 Mountain Lion Hunting prices


Q 2020 Montana SPRING BLACK BEAR Hunts

5 Day
1-on-1 Hunt
Season: April 15 - June 15

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  • TYPES OF HUNTS:Cancellation Hunts, Cull/Meat Hunts, Free Range/Fair Chase Hunts, River Boat, Spot and Stalk Hunts, Trophy Hunts
  • HUNTING HARDWARE:Rifle, Archery/Bow, Fishing Rod
  • HUNTING LAND:Open Range, Public
  • HUNTING ACCOMMODATIONS:Hunting Lodge, Hunting Cabin, Tent, No shelter
  • BEAR:Black
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  • BIG CATS:Cougar/Mountain lion
  • DEER:Whitetail Deer, Rocky Mountain Mule
  • ELK / WAPITI:Rocky Mountain Elk
  • MOOSE:Alaska-Yukon, Shiras
  • PRONGHORN:Pronghorn Antelope
  • SHEEP / RAMS:Dall, Rocky Mountain Bighorn
  • FRESHWATER FISH:Freshwater fish, Brown Trout, Cutthroat Trout, Rainbow Trout