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Alaska Bear & Sheep Hunting Outfitters

We Hunt in Brooks Range, Kanuti National Wildlife Refuge and the Alaskan Peninsula within the Izembek National Wildlife Refuge.  It’s big trophy country.

A hunt with Mountain Monarchs is a once in a lifetime true Alaska wilderness experience. We will take you to the heart of Big Game Country, where you will stay in remote wilderness camps. We offer several different hunting experiences including Spring and Fall Brown Bear, Arctic Grizzly, Dall Sheep, Caribou, and Moose. There are often opportunities to fish and hunt other game as well. We respect the wildlife, the land, and each other. As a result we hunt hard, have fun, and enjoy a high hunting success rate.

Owner Dave Leonard has over 40 years of guide experience and knowledge of Alaska’s diverse species and habitats. He has handpicked each of our Alaska hunting guides to ensure that you have a once in a lifetime Alaska hunting experience.

Alaska Hunting in Spring & Fall

Spring Hunts

  • Brown Bear
  • Arctic Grizzly

Fall Hunts

  • Brown Bear
  • Arctic Grizzly
  • Moose
  • Caribou
  • Dall Sheep (very limited availability)


We hunt Spring and Fall Brown Bear in the Cold Bay area of Alaska, which includes the Izembek National Wildlife Refuge. This remote wilderness area has diverse wildlife that includes wolf, fox, caribou, moose, and many species of waterfowl and fish. There may be time and opportunity for fishing and other game hunting. Please review our Spring Brown Bear and Fall Brown Bear pages for more information.

Our trophy Dall Sheep hunts are second to none, and we have very limited openings for them. This is a very physically demanding hunt. We recommend that hunters arrive in top physical condition to give you the best chance at success.

Spring Brown Bear Hunts in the Alaska Wilderness Cold Bay Area

Our Next Spring Brown Bear hunts in 2022 2023

We run two 8-day hunts back to back. It is also possible to book the entire 16 day season.

You will be hunting in Alaska’s Cold Bay and Izembek Refuge area, where we have two exclusive guide concessions. Historically this is one of the very best areas for trophy Brown Bear in the world.

We hunt these big brown bears by the spot and stalk method as they emerge from the den. In the spring their coats are thick with winter hair. It is common to watch big males following sows for the purpose of breeding.

There may be time and opportunity to pursue other game in this remote wilderness region. Wolves are prevalent in the area. There is often a good run of Steelhead Trout.

Enjoy comfortable heated cabins situated around the kitchen and dining facilities. Share camaraderie while feasting on home cooked meals. Power and hot showers are available at the beginning and end of the hunt – all within a 35 minute flight of your spike camp in prime Brown Bear country. While base camp is plenty comfortable, it is not a lodge.

Established campsites are in key positions that have been proven over the past 40 years. Each camp consists of 2 tents – 2 Sturdy Expedition Grade Tents: 1 for cooking and relaxing and 1 for sleeping and gear storage – cots, pads, warm sleeping bags, tables, chairs, lanterns, heaters and lots of good food along with a skilled and personable guide. Satellite phones are in each camp and each guide is on a check-in schedule with the base camp. Camps are re-supplied every few days.

Fall Brown Bear Hunts In the Alaska Wilderness Cold Bay Area

Our Fall Brown Bear hunts are in October. We run one 15 day hunt. Openings are limited.

You will be hunting in Alaska’s Cold Bay and Izembek Refuge area, where we have two exclusive guide concessions. Historically this is one of the very best areas for trophy Brown Bear in the world.

We hunt these big brown bears by the spot and stalk method along salmon choked rivers. As the bears leave the salmon streams, we hunt higher in the prime berry areas and below denning areas as the voracious bruins prepare for a long winter. Wolf and wolverine are present in the area and will often respond to a predator call.

Ptarmigan (grouse) hunting is available as well as waterfowl hunting. Brant and sea ducks are prevalent and fun to hunt when we have extra time. You will need to purchase a State and Federal Duck and Waterfowl Stamp. See the table below for information on tags and license fees.

Fishing for Silver Salmon and Steelhead (if running) can provide much enjoyment if weather and time allows. If you hope to fish, a fishing license is required. See the table below for information on tags and license fees.

Central Arctic Spring Grizzly Bear Hunt

Grizzly Bear season in the Central Arctic commences April 15th. All hunts are conducted one guide per hunter.

The hides of these beautiful bears are the thickest and most luxurious in the world. As a rule of thumb, the prime time is from April 20th to May 8th. During this time, conditions are usually the best.

We offer two consecutive hunts but dates are subject to change depending on weather and snow conditions. The first hunt dates are April 15th thru April 24th, and the second hunt commences April 26th thru May 5th or thereabouts. Both hunts are excellent! Openings are limited as we generally have 3 hunters per hunt.

Please note that we do not hunt Arctic Grizzly every year. The Alaska Department of Fish & Game manages bear seasons on the Alaska Peninsula by staggering the seasons instead of going to a registration or drawing permit system. In addition, we have implemented our own management system in the Arctic to insure good quality Bear hunting for generations to come.

It is strongly recommended that you purchase a changeable airline ticket. Arctic weather is highly unpredictable at this time of year.

Central Brooks Range Trophy Dall Sheep Hunts

Our trophy Dall Sheep hunts in the Central Brooks Range run from August 10th to 19th, or from August 21st to 30th. This hunt has very limited openings. Guided Fly out fishing is available for lake trout, sheefish, arctic char, dolly varden, & pike. Also grizzly bears and black bears are available on a trophy fee basis.

Once landing in Bettles, you will be met by a Mountain Monarchs team member and brought to our Lodge in town, the “Ram Hole”. From here you will repack your gear, do the necessary paperwork, shoot your rifle, and then get ready to fly out to your base camp. If weather allows you may fly out to base camp the same day you arrive to Bettles or you may wait until the next day.

Moose & Grizzly Hunts in Central Brooks Range

We hunt moose and grizzly bears in the Central Brooks Range, an extremely remote and unspoiled part of Alaska. We’ve been hunting this area since the early 1990’s. All hunters are guided one on one and there are typically between two and four hunters in the field at any time. The only other hunters you can expect to see are those who may be sharing camp.

Mountain Monarchs usually only guides a handful of moose and grizzly hunters each fall, allowing us to concentrate on each individual hunter. I am an experienced guide, pilot and outfitter and a veteran of 38 Alaskan Seasons. At Mountain Monarchs, we have assembled a great team of guides and we would love to take you hunting.

Hunt Barren Ground Caribou in Alaska

Though sometimes an overlooked and taken for granted species, a true Alaskan Barren Ground Caribou is a remarkable animal, a fun and adventurous hunt, and a great addition to any trophy room!

We hunt caribou in two different areas of the state: on the North Slope of the Brooks Range and down on the Lower End of the Alaskan Peninsula. Both areas offer great opportunities for a successful hunt and a large mature bull.

Our North Slope Caribou hunts are offered with us through an affiliate Outfitter and originates out of our Lodge in Bettles. From Bettles you will board a chartered float plane (NOT included in the price of the hunt) to the North Slope where you will be dropped off with your guide in a location based on their annual migration patterns and where bulls have been spotted. These 10 day hunts are conducted in late August and early September. This time of year the caribou are just beginning to migrate but it is not uncommon to see large herds. You should expect the opportunity to see and make stalks on several different bulls during your hunt. Grizzly bears are prevalent on the Slope and can be harvested on a trophy fee basis. There are opportunities to take wolves as well. Float trips are a very effective way to hunt these gorgeous animals as well as working out of a fixed camp.

Our Alaskan Peninsula Caribou hunts are operated out of our Legendary Brown Bear camp, David River Camp approximately 20 miles SW of Nelson Lagoon. These 7 day hunts are offered on odd numbered fall years (2021, 2023, etc) before we begin hunting the Brown Bear. Hunt dates are Sept. 17 – 23 and Sept. 24 – 30. Once arriving at David River Camp on the Bering Sea, you will be flown out to a spike camp location with your guide onto one of our two Federal Guide Concessions where bands of caribou have been located. Although the Lower Alaskan Peninsula Herd is not a migrating herd and is smaller than some other herds in the state, they are well known for their great genetics and the potential for a Boone and Crocket animal. Wolves and wolverine are also available to hunt during this time. Ptarmigan and waterfowl hunting is also open during this time of year and are fun to chase once you are successful with your caribou, if time allows.


About Mountain Monarchs of Alaska LLC

Mountain Monarchs owner Dave Leonard has over 40 years of guide experience. Dave came to Alaska in 1974 at the age of 17 to work as a packer/wrangler in the Wrangell Mountains. It only took one season to plant the “Alaskan Bug” deep in Dave’s blood. After returning to Georgia to finish out his senior year of high school, he returned to Alaska and the rest is history. After acquiring his Assistant guides license in 1976, his Registered Guides License in 1981, he continued to work for many legendary Alaskan Outfitters throughout all corners of the State. Finally in 1985 Dave started Mountain Monarchs of Alaska with his wife Suzanne and they are still running it with enthusiasm and energy to this day. Dave acquired his commercial pilots license in 1982 and since has accrued over 14,000 hours flying in the Alaskan Bush, mostly all in a Piper Super Cub. Dave does the large majority of all of the flying and is as safe and talented a pilot as they come. He knows the Alaska wilderness, Alaska game, and the remote terrain where you will be hunting. Each of our guides have been handpicked by Dave to guarantee you a once in a life time, high quality hunting experience. In the Brooks Range, Mountain Monarchs holds the State Land concession as well as the sole Guide/Outfitter concession permit for Kanuti National Wildlife Refuge, encompassing 1.6 million acres. While other hunters are seldom seen, we respect the local subsistence hunters if encountered.

Mountain Monarchs also holds two Federal Guide Concessions on the Alaskan Peninsula within the Izembek National Wildlife Refuge which encompasses the best Brown Bear denning habitat in the world.

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  • TYPES OF HUNTS:Cancellation Hunts, Free Range/Fair Chase Hunts, Spot and Stalk Hunts, Trophy Hunts
  • HUNTING HARDWARE:Rifle, Archery/Bow
  • HUNTING LAND:Open Range
  • NUMBER OF ACRES:1.6 million acres
  • BEAR:Alaska Brown, Grizzly
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  • CARIBOU / REINDEER:Alaska-Yukon
  • MOOSE:Alaska-Yukon
  • SHEEP / RAMS:Dall