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Namibia Hunting Safaris

Okapunja is the Best Hunting Farm for Hunting and Safaris in Namibia. Only 40 km from the Etosha National Park, Okapunja is also an ideal destination for hunters with family. Our beautifully situated farm is nestled in the open savannah of Northern Namibia. Surrounded by the Otava mountains and with an idyllic view of a wild water hole, Okapunja invites you to relax. In the evening, sit under the grass roof lapa next to the crackling fire with a glass of good wine and watch the numerous animals pulling their tracks on Okapunja. Or take a dip in the pool overlooking the sunset.

Okapunja has an extremely diverse population of antelopes, mountain zebras, warthogs and many other species. Among them is a high proportion of capital trophy holders. This is thanks to the structurally rich habitat from bush and savannah to rocky terrain and mountains, and above all to a very conscious and adapted hunting. The chance that you will receive your dream capital trophy is high. However, you also have to work out your trophy. Depending on the game and physical condition, stalking is the first choice.

The combination of high quality service down to the smallest detail, pure hunting passion and enthusiasm for our profession, a hunting area which is one of the best in Namibia and used purely for hunting, as well as the warm and family atmosphere, you are guaranteed to enjoy a stay with us and will not forget it quickly!

Leopard Hunts in Namibia

Namibia Hunting Outfitters with High Success Leopard Hunts

We offer you over 90% chance of success on a leopard shot. The hunt offered is 100% legal, including state licenses and sustainable, which is very important to us. The prices for our leopard hunt are available on request.

The leopard hunt in Namibia is strictly controlled by the state, absolutely sustainable and legal. Only a limited number of licenses are issued by the Namibian state every year. The number of licenses depends on the size of the hunting area, the estimated number of leopards and the success rate in previous years. Together with our partner farm Schönfeld in the north of Namibia, we have the highest number of leopard hunting licenses in all of Namibia with one of the highest success rates.

We only hunt at the bait. This will be selected and sent to confirmed locations before your arrival. The hunt then takes place in the morning and evening from the blind. A minimum caliber of 7mm is required on leopards. A twilight-compatible rifle scope is very important for this hunt. Rental weapons are available if required.

African Trophy Safari

Hunt Leopard, Eland, Impala, Kudu, Wildebeest, Oryx, Antelope and more in Namibia

Choose North Namibia for photo and hunting safaris! This North Namibia outfitter is located in the north of Namibia and is therefore greener and surrounded by more bush land and savannah. It is close to the famous Etosha National park which is an excellent starting point for a photo safari for non-hunters, families, and hunters alike.

The area is known for big Eland and Impala bulls, and small Antelope, such as Dik-Dik, Duiker, and Steinbuck. Furthermore, there are strong Kudus, Wildebeest, Oryx and Warthogs to be found here.

Trophy Oryx Hunts and Eland Hunts in Namibia Africa

Outfitter in Namibia Africa for Hunting Oryx and Eland

Hunting the Oryx remains a wonderful challenge time in time again. Even with a grand shot these animals are able to take a punch and keep on running. The bright red blood on the leaves is clearly visible and makes tracking somewhat easy- but the Oryx does not give up lightly. They will hide in the thickest shrubs as cover and run half a kilometer despite having been shot with a calibre -.375. Oryx are hardy animals!

Who doesn’t dream of hunting the largest antelope in the world once in his lifetime?  North Namibia is regarded as one of the best areas to experience a successful Eland hunt. This year all 12 of our Eland hunters took their mature bulls on our farm. We are proud of this 100% success rate, and hope that we can soon welcome you for this hunt of a lifetime.

Your guide is very experienced and will do everything to ensure that you enjoy your stay and hunt with him. Together with his trackers, he looks for the tracks and the animals themselves on a regular basis so as to know where to find them and at what times. This excellent preparation and the experienced team make our excellent success rates possible.

Before we start stalking, we check for fresh tracks at sunrise and begin stalking immediately. Your guide has mastered the art of tracking, which only comes with years of experience and knowledge about the hunting area. The guides and trackers at here have been in the hunting business for decades already, and all their work is about their clients having a successful hunt. This is especially important during hunts as demanding as an Eland hunt in Namibia.

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Additional Details

  • TYPES OF HUNTS:Cancellation Hunts, Free Range/Fair Chase Hunts, Trophy Hunts
  • HUNTING HARDWARE:Shotgun, Archery/Bow
  • HUNTING LAND:Private Lease
  • NUMBER OF ACRES:200,000
  • BIG CATS:African Leopard
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  • ELAND:Common