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New Mexico Hunting Outfitters

Affordable Hunting Prices and Combo Hunting Packages for Elk, Mule Deer, Pronghorn Antelope and Merriam Turkey

We’re located in Northeastern New Mexico near Tucumcari and hunt on private ranches and land. We are on I-40 200 miles east near Albuquerque, or 120 miles west near Amarillo Texas.

Our biggest hunt of the year is pronghorn antelope. We take a lot of pride in the quality of antelope we take in the area. We personally work with about 12 different ranches spread out from Clayton, New Mexico to Clovis, New Mexico near Amarillo and near Lubbock.

This is a ranching area with some agriculture. We have a beautiful geographic collage of terrain to see ranging from Red Sandstone Mesa’s to native Buffalo grasslands and rolling sage sandhills. Living in the area we hunt has added benefits. It allows us to do a lot of scouting and to see how the antelope are producing, and where the bigger antelope are hanging out.

Pronghorn Antelope Hunts in New Mexico

Hunting Outfitters with Affordable Prices and Hunting Packages for Pronghorn Trophy Hunts near Amarillo and Lubbock

Pronghorn Antelope is our signature hunt. Currently, the track record we have on our ranches is excellent with average horn lengths of 15 ½ and B&C scores of 78.  This is an average not everyone will get a record book B&C but, you will have ample opportunity for high quality. I do my best to fit every hunter with the best opportunity for what they are looking for. We take pride in producing high quality pronghorn antelope through an extensive relationship with the ranches we have leased. I am constantly searching for the best ranches with the best genetic possibilities and nutritional environments.

Our New Mexico antelope hunts are done from 4×4 vehicles while glassing. Some Spot and Stalk is done. We ask our hunters to be proficient in shooting at distances of 200-400 yards, but a majority of the shots are between 100-150 yards. Your guide is experienced in judging quality and distance so listen to him. If you have any experience in judging antelope, you will know that they are one of the hardest animals to judge on the hoof.

If you are interested in our New Mexico pronghorn antelope hunting with us, please contact us.


$3,000.00 per hunter for 2 hunters to 1 guide package

$3,500.00 for 1 hunter to 1 guide package

plus tax @ 8.75%

What is included: Landowner Tag, Meals, Guide, Trophy Care

Not Included License @ $362.00

Motel $72 per night

I do all the paperwork for you to get your license and make motel reservations you dont have to do anything else.

New Mexico Mule Deer Hunting Trips

85,000 Acre Private Ranch Mule Deer Hunts with Affordable Prices and Hunting Packages for Spot and Stalk Mule Deer Hunts

Our New Mexico Fall Rut Mule Deer Hunts are done on private ranch land with really excellent deer populations. We’re offering mule deer hunts for quality deer ranging in the 150-180 class the ranches have potential for the 200 class deer also. Glassing and stalking are the hunting methods. We do a lot of pre-scouting prior to the hunt and during the year. Hunts are designed to glass for the deer then maneuver to put on a good stalk but if the deer are not positioned for a good stalk we wait you can’t just rush in on some of these big bucks or you’ll push them out. The terrain is a mesa type small mountain with small valleys creeks and streams. This is an excellent hunt to be able to experience western hunting at its finest in New Mexico. This Ranch is 85,000 acres so we have plenty of country to hunt.

Cost of hunt $5000.00

New Mexico Mule Deer Fall Rut Hunts

Muzzleloader 5 days starts Wednesday last full week of September

Rifle dates last two weekends of October Saturday thru Wednesday

Hunts are 5 days. Saturday thru Wednesday the last two weeks of October. Guiding and food included, not included lodging and license fee. License fee 400.00 lodging is 70.00 per night.

New Mexico Free Range Elk Hunting Trips

Private Ranch Land Low Fence Fair Chase Elk Hunts in North New Mexico

We have been 75% successful with are rifle hunters hunting for bulls and 100% with our cow elk hunts, and are 50% successful with archery bow hunts. We stay on the ranch in a very nice lodge with all the amenities to make it a memorable hunting experience. This Elk hunt puts the hunter in a category of the elite, being able to hunt elk in the west on a private ranch with no high fences, and hunting one of the most revered trophies of North America. Whether you’re a rifle hunter or an archery hunter the feeling you get when you see one of the animals gets your heart pounding and is hard to beat and harder to forget. General terrain of the ranch is creek valleys with cedar and pine canyon drainages that feed into the main valley of old cottonwood stands, the draws feed out of the valley elevating upward to open up on top high prairie grasslands. The terrain offers a wide variety of hunting methods which would allow a wide variety of hunter physical abilities from a hunter that likes to rare up the mountain or a less physical hunter that needs more horizontal ground to hike on.

Space is limited so book your hunts early as of now were taking 4 rifle hunters bull elk hunters and 2 bull elk archery hunters. We have been getting bulls from the smallest at 300 to the biggest at 400. We have about 8 cow elk hunts for the ranch and also have the ability to access other ranches in the area for cow elk hunts too.

Archery Hunts 5 days Sept 1 – 22 (must pick 5 consecutive days)

Rifle Hunts Oct 1 – Dec 31 (must pick 5 consecutive days)

Hunt Cost $8000.00

Bulls over 350 gross will have a $3000.00 trophy fee added on.

Included – Guide 1×1, Lodging, Meals, Trophy care

Not included – hunting License $550.00,

Cow Hunts are available too please call on availability guided hunt 1800.00

We like to do the cow elk hunts late November through the end of January.

New Mexico Merriam’s Turkey Hunts

Private Ranch Turkey Hunting near Santa Fe and Albuquerque

Turkey hunting is by far my favorite type of hunting to do. We have some really great turkey hunting available too. The species of turkey we mostly hunt is the Merriam.  If you’re looking to finish your slam or just love to hunt turkeys, give us a call. The way the season dates are for the next couple of years, we only have 3 weekends available so book early. Contact us today for a New Mexico Merriam turkey hunt you’ll never forget!

Hunting is done at our new ranch by Las Vegas New Mexico. We stay in a hotel in Las Vegas NM and drive to the ranch about 20 minutes away.

hunting is done from blinds and some stalking. This is classic turkey hunting done in a beautiful river valley with huge old cottonwood trees growing along the creek.

Our 2017 hunt started with 7 opening weekend all tagging out with 2 Toms each by Sunday morning, the following weeknd 3 hunters tagged out with 2 toms each also one hunter did both of his Friday evening.

Archery or shotgun 2 bearded birds allowed.
meals, included 2 days 2 nights,  I make all motel reservations and do all the paperwork for you to get your License.
Fully Guided $1800

Not included hunting license $110.00 first bird $10.00 second bird and general hunting license 70.

Hunt Dates April 15 – May 10 – Weekends Only

Hunters needing to stay Sunday night will be responsible for there own room.

Your request has been submitted successfully.

Additional Details

  • TYPES OF HUNTS:Cancellation Hunts, Cull/Meat Hunts, Free Range/Fair Chase Hunts, Spot and Stalk Hunts, Trophy Hunts
  • HUNTING HARDWARE:Rifle, Muzzleload, Archery/Bow
  • HUNTING LAND:Low Fence, Open Range, Private Lease
  • NUMBER OF ACRES:85,000
  • TURKEY:Merriams
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  • DEER:Rocky Mountain Mule
  • ELK / WAPITI:Rocky Mountain Elk
  • PRONGHORN:Pronghorn Antelope