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Red Stag and Big Game Hunting Outfitters in New York

Pure bred Red Stag with one-of-a-kind genetics that produce a Caribou-like shoveled-out brow tines!

Adirondack Red Stag is proud to present a once in a lifetime opportunity to hunt a 24-point, 400” pure bred trophy Red Stag with shoveled-out brow tines like Caribou.

Perfect for the big game hunter who wants something totally different on their wall.

A chance like this may never occur again, as there is no certainty with stags that they will produce the same antler features in the future. Especially something so rare as shovel brow tines.  Experts have suggested this may be the result of an ancient dormant gene.

Adirondack Red Stag is located at the foothills of the Adirondack mountains in central New York.  Our farm has over 250 acres, raising over 200 of the finest red deer in North America.

Known as the Monarch of the mountains, The Red Stag is considered the most appealing antlered and largest deer on the planet.


Hunting in New York is an adventure all into itself, whether you’re after a monster trophy buck or black bear to small game like turkey and rabbits. Any sportsman will love their time at Adirondack Red Stag.


After researching the breed, the owners purchased Hinds and Breeder Stags with premium genetic backgrounds – start with the best.  They know to keep improving and producing premier hinds and stags AI is the Way.  By putting their genetic know – how and working together with that of AI Diversified, a highly rated AI firm, they now have access to some of the best genetics/record holding stags in the world, one having more than 760″ of Antler.

Check out our “CULLY “, the only spiker in the history of the world to officially SCI score 64 points 377 2/8″ at one year old.  Cully and several other of our award-winning Stags are proof that our extensive AI program is on target to consistently produce record antlers.  By using some of the best world record Stags such as Norton II NZ record scoring 763” as well as some of England’s Woburn Abbey Stags and Warnham Park Stags like Harvey and James the Racks just keep on coming.

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  • TYPES OF HUNTS:Trophy Hunts
  • HUNTING LAND:High Fence
  • BEAR:Black
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  • DEER:Red Stag

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