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The Best Private Hunting Lodge and Outfitters in New Zealand

Hunt Free Range Sika, Red Stag, Fallow, Rusa, Sambar, Chamois and Tahr on New Zealand North Island

As a New Zealand outfitter, Poronui Hunting offers superb fair chase Red Stag hunting, along with free-range Fallow, Rusa, Sambar, Chamois, Tahr and our speciality – Sika Deer. You can also hunt wild boar, Arapawa Ram and Feral Goat.

Poronui and Glazebrook Station are owned by the Westervelt Company. Founded by Herbert Westervelt in 1884, today Westervelt is a land resource organization managing 500,000 acres.

25,000 acre Private Hunting Estate

Not for the faint hearted, Glazebrook is a vast private estate with 25,000 acres of rugged natural beauty that will at once challenge and inspire the passionate hunter. Nothing can prepare you for the Glazebrook hunting experience – rugged and unspoiled, this isolated high country station will simply take your breath away.

For those in search of the ultimate trophy, Glazebrook’s game estate offers over 3,000 acres of extreme hunting, including trophy red stag and fallow buck. Chamois are hunted from the snow-capped mountain peaks, fully-guided and accessible by helicopter.

Hunt in an awe-inspiring wilderness that time has forgotten and man has not yet fully explored.  Spot animals from afar before stalking in close to the trophy of your choice. Glazebrook is rapidly becoming a favorite destination of hunters from Australia and around the world.

Our team of guides are some of the best you will find anywhere. We are committed to managing our operations and lands in an environmentally responsible manner. While we create sustainable value from our resources and relationships, we are committed to protecting the environment and to sustaining its quality for future generations

The hunting season begins in late February and continues to the end of August. Our guides are high country specialists and work tirelessly to put you in the right place at the right time.

Big Game Hunting in New Zealand

Poronui Hunting operates from three properties, one in the central North Island and two in the South Island. Each property offers different species and hunting conditions. Hunting is primarily spot and stalk and we cater for both bow and rifle hunters.

Poronui, our premier property and Lodge is nestled in the secluded Taharua Valley, south-east of Taupo on New Zealand’s spectacular North Island. It has evolved from a rustic wilderness camp into one of the world’s finest sporting facilities. The property is a wonderful outdoor playground and offers excellent game estate and exceptional free range hunting opportunities.

Due to the range of species, there are exciting trophy hunting opportunities available year round. The mosaic of undulating grasslands, native beech forest, exotic pine or eucalypt plantations and shrub lands creates ideal habitat and cover for deer.

Framed by the magnificent wilderness of the Kaimanawa Mountains it is easy to understand that you are part of a unique hunting experience.

Huntable Species and Trophy Game

  • Blue Heeled Tahr
  • Dybowski Sika Deer
  • Fallow Deer
  • Feral Goat
  • Himalayan Tahr
  • Rusa Deer
  • Sika Deer
  • Tahr
  • Apennine Chamois
  • South Pacific Red Stag
  • Arapawa Ram Sheep
  • South Pacific Chamois
  • South Pacific Boar
  • Wild Boar Hog
Q Big Game Hunting Prices in New Zealand

Hunting Prices for:
Sika Stag – US $3,500 - $5,000
Rusa Stag – US $4,000
Sambar – US $10,000
Fallow Buck – US $3,350 - $5,000
Feral Goat – US $600
Arapawa Ram – US$ 450
Chamois – US $4,000
Tahr – US $6,000
Hunter – Single (Guide 1 x 1) – US $830 per day
Non-Hunter Rate – US $300 per day

Q Spring Fishing with Heli Package

The best time of year to fish in New Zealand.

October 1 heralds the opening of the back-country rivers and streams. It’s a special time to fish after months of anticipation. The signs of winter are receding and our rivers, unaffected by snow melt tend to be great condition early season. In addition, the resident browns and rainbows have been undisturbed for months and feed actively.

Like the fever that accompanies the opening of duck shooting the fishing gear has been checked over, new lines added, and the numerous fly boxes topped up with the ‘go to’ flies. It’s time to go trout fishing!

The Spring Fishing Package includes

4 nights double / twin accommodation in the Lodge, 3 days share guided fishing, $1,000 helicopter credit per person, all meals, house wine and beer, daily personal laundry service, use of the Stables facilities – Snooker Room, Sauna, Steam Room and Gym and any gear needed.

Q Short Stay Fishing Package

For a taste of some of New Zealand’s best fly fishing

Being surrounded by spectacular scenery and casting a dry fly over a big, wild trout in a crystal clear stream is what it’s all about at Poronui. Access some of the best fly fishing in New Zealand from our luxury lodge. Two rivers run through the property and with a myriad of other rivers and streams within short helicopter flight we recommend adding at least one heli-fishing day to get a taste for the range of fishing available.

The Short Stay Fishing Package includes

4 nights double/twin accommodation at the Lodge, all meals, pre-dinner drinks, house wine and beer, same day personal laundry service, use of the Stables facilities – Snooker Room, Sauna, Steam Room and Gym, 3 days of guided fishing and any gear needed including waders, boots, rods and reels.

Q Long Stay Fishing Package

Back country streams, big brown and rainbow trout and a luxury lodge.

The perfect holiday for the classic fly fishing experience of stalking and sight casting to brown and rainbow trout in shallow, clear waters. Your guide will take you to some of New Zealand’s best spots while providing knowledge about our wily resident trout.

We recommend adding a couple of days heli fishing to your trip. Easy access to many of New Zealand’s most famous mountain rivers and more remote streams is only a short flight away. The flight itself is also a great experience and gives beautiful views of the property.

The Long Stay Fishing Package includes

7 nights double/twin accommodation, all meals, pre-dinner drinks, house wine and beer, same day personal laundry service, use of the Stables facilities – Snooker Room, Sauna, Steam Room and Gym, 6 days of guided fishing and any gear needed including waders, boots, rods and reels.

Q Summer Adventure Package

Make the most of our country pursuits paradise.

Spend your summer holiday hiking, horse riding, mountain biking and more through 16,000 acres of pure New Zealand wilderness. Our private estate offers luxury and solitude while catering for avid adventurers or those just wanting to try something new.

Choose your activities:
Day 1 – Guided fly fishing with streamside lunch and all gear provided OR The Story of Bees including donning a bee suit and viewing a working beehive with our beekeeper, tasting our range of NZ floral and manuka honeys and a one-hour massage to end the day.

Day 2 – Guided Heli hike with picnic lunch OR explore the property with a guided mountain bike ride or e-mountain bike ride (all equipment provided).

Day 3 – Half day guided horse ride with picnic lunch OR interactive cooking class with Steven Paterson, Poronui’s head chef.

Your request has been submitted successfully.

Additional Details

  • TYPES OF HUNTS:Cancellation Hunts, Cull/Meat Hunts, Free Range/Fair Chase Hunts, River Boat, Spot and Stalk Hunts, Trophy Hunts
  • HUNTING HARDWARE:Rifle, Archery/Bow, Fishing Rod
  • HUNTING LAND:High Fence, Open Range
  • HUNTING ACCOMMODATIONS:Luxury, Safari, Hunting Lodge
  • FRESHWATER FISH:Brown Trout, Rainbow Trout
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