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New Zealand All-Inclusive Luxury Hunting Lodge and Outfitters

Fair Chase Hunting Trips on Public and Private Land Estates for Red Stag, Fallow Deer, Himalayan Tahr, Chamois and more

Not only are our hunts guaranteed, but as a client of Exclusive Adventures, you will enjoy access to multiple South Island large private land ranches with thousands of acres of fair chase hunting with superb trophy game ranging from Representative to Record Class. We also hold permits to hunt government land, offering endless options to ensure that both the quality of the animals and terrain can be matched to each hunter.

Our estates are ideally suited to hunting and provide attractive yet changeling stalking terrain. Hunts are organized to suit each hunter and their physical ability. Helicopters and four-wheel drives are used to access previously scouted hunting grounds to ensure trophy animals are both present and attainable.

Our South Island hunts are professionally guided expeditions for those seeking the true New Zealand experience.  Hunts are conducted on both private and public land.

Trophy Species include:

  • Red Stag
  • Fallow Deer
  • Himalayan Tahr
  • Chamois
  • Wild Boar
  • South Pacific Goats
  • South Pacific Ram
  • Geese
  • Ducks


New Zealand Hunting Packages and Prices

Our hunting packages are very flexible and we can customize your package to suit your specific requirements.

Chamois Hunting Package

5 days, 4 nights
1 hunter / 1 guide

$ 6,150.00 USD price

Tahr Hunting Package

5 days, 4 nights
1 hunter / 1 guide

$ 7,150.00 USD price

Tahr and Chamois Combo Hunting Package

7 days, 6 nights
1 hunter / 1 guide

$ 12,100.00 USD price

Red Stag, Tahr and Chamois Combo Hunting Package

8 days, 7 nights
1 hunter / 1 guide

$ 17,700.00 USD price

Red Stag Hunts in New Zealand

Free Range, Fair Chase and Private Estate Land Hunting Trips

New Zealand is famous for their superior red deer herds and Exclusive Adventures New Zealand is proud to have access to the best animals and ranches available for magnificent trophies. Both free range and estate land hunting is available with trophies ranging from management stags to world record class. With the luxury of having multiple ranches to hunt, we can cater specifically to every clients fitness ability and trophy class they are after. With an intense management program we are proud to say that we have the finest Red Stags in the world!

Red Stag Hunts – 500+

Trophy Red Stag Deer Hunting Outfitters in New Zealand

Elite Red Stags are one of the most majestic big game animals in the world. Every year we have multiple red stags from SCI 500 and some stags that will carry antlers beyond SCI 700 plus.

Bull Tahr Hunts in New Zealand

Spot and Stalk and Helicopter Hunting for Free Range Tahr in NZ

New Zealand has some of the best Tahr hunting in the world. Tahr have drawn hunters from around the world to New Zealand to hunt these magnificent animals. They are known for the steep, rugged and remote habitat they live in and look very majestic in our mountains with their beautiful winter cape. At Exclusive Adventures New Zealand, we hunt these animals a variety of ways from spike camps, spot and stalk hunting and also utilize the use helicopters.

Chamois Hunts in New Zealand

Affordable Hunting Prices and Packages for Trophy Chamois

Chamois are a very rewarding trophy, and at Exclusive Adventures New Zealand, we hunt areas where regular record book bucks are taken. Chamois are an agile, alert mountain antelope.

Fallow Deer Hunts in New Zealand

Color-Phase and Trophy Fallow Deer Hunting Outfitters in NZ

Fallow deer are a very attractive deer with beautiful palmated antlers the make them very unique. They come in 3 color phases: chocolate brown, spotted menil (red-grey skin with white spots), and pure white.

Backpack & Alpine Hunting in New Zealand

Remote Wilderness Spot and Stalk Hunting Adventures

For those looking for the true mountain hunting experience and have the physical ability to walk the mountains, Exclusive Adventures Tahr and Chamois Backpack Mountain Hunts are sure to make hunters fall in love with our mountains and game animals. The animals and terrain provide a similar opportunity to hunting Mountain Sheep in North America, yet the time frame, cost and over all experience are more attainable.

New Zealand All-Inclusive Hunting Lodges

5-Star, Luxury Accommodations on South Island at the heart of New Zealand’s adventure region

Located only a 20-minute drive from the ski resort town of Lake Wanaka, we have the perfect location to mix both hunting and leisure. With the magnificence of the surrounding landscape, our hunting lodge is at the centre of it all. From the hunting lodge nestled high above the Clutha River, you can glass for animals while taking in a stunning view looking down the mountainous Clutha river valley at vineyards and cherry orchards. Our ideal location ensures you spend more time on the hunt and less time traveling.  This makes the perfect balance for our hunting and non-hunting guests.

Guests will enjoy relaxing, spacious and luxurious accommodations coupled with fine New Zealand dining fare, exemplary hospitality and service and access to every modern amenity one could wish for. Our stay is all-inclusive and includes all meals, daily room and laundry service, wireless internet, hot tub, and a full bar including local beer & wines.

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Additional Details

  • TYPES OF HUNTS:Cancellation Hunts, Free Range/Fair Chase Hunts, Spot and Stalk Hunts, Trophy Hunts
  • HUNTING HARDWARE:Rifle, Shotgun, Archery/Bow
  • HUNTING LAND:Open Range, Public, Private Lease
  • MIGRATORY BIRDS:Migratory Birds, Duck, Geese
Show all
  • CHAMOIS:South Pacific
  • DEER:Red Stag, South Pacific Red
  • ELK / WAPITI:South Pacific Red Stag
  • GOATS:Feral/Wild
  • TAHR:Himalayan
  • WILD BOAR / WILD HOGS:South Pacific