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Yukon Horseback Hunting Trips

Remote Trophy Hunting Outfitters in The Yukon Concession 17

According to Government of the Yukon surveys the Southern Lakes Region has the highest concentrations of sheep in the Yukon. We offer accommodations in both cabin camps and tent camps depending on the area and the season. Horseback hunting is our preferred method of transportation during hunting season but we will also be offering backpack hunts as well as hunts by boat.

Yukon Fly-in Hunting Trips

Bush Plane Big Game Trophy Hunting in The Yukon

Each hunt will start in Whitehorse. When you arrive you will be met at the airport and spend one or two nights in a hotel depending on your connections. You will fly out to camp in a bush plane on floats or wheels where your crew will meet you for the hunt. You will have your own guide for the entire duration of your hunt. In most cases there will be a cook in camp as well as a wrangler to help with the horses and anything else that is needed.

Yukon Dall Sheep Horseback Hunts

Our Dall sheep hunts are 10 days long and start on the first of August when the season opens. Typically on horseback out of camps with cabins or wall tents depending on the area that you are hunting. Sheep hunts run from August 1st into late September. All of our sheep camps are between 3’000ft and 5’000ft. The Mountains in this area typically get to about 6’500ft. The weather is typically dry in this area but mountain storms can come in and out. Expect temperatures to range from freezing at night to as high as 80 Degrees Fahrenheit during the warm days in August. Some hunts can be more physical than others. Please be honest about your physical condition when you book your hunt so we can find the right time and place to make your hunt successful!

Alaska/Yukon Moose Trophy Hunting Outfitters

Remote Moose Rut Horseback Hunts in the Yukon

Our Alaska Yukon Moose Fall hunts start in mid-September and run into October usually running for 10 days. The moose typically start moving around a lot by mid-September depending on the rut. Our Moose hunts are from cabins on horseback heading out exploring each day and returning to the same camp at night. During Moose season you can expect to get frost most nights. Snow can come at any time but it usually won’t stay on the ground until October. You should expect some rain during the hunt but it won’t last for long.

Yukon Grizzly Bear Hunting Trips

Late Fall Sheep Moose Grizzly Bear Combination Hunts in Alaska Hunting Concession 17

Grizzly are typically taken as an extra on our Sheep and Moose hunts. We have Grizzly throughout the area but they are tough to find until mid-September. It’s best to come on a late Sheep hunt or Moose hunt if you would like the chance to pursue Grizzly as well.

Timber Wolf and Wolverine Hunts

Each hunter will have the chance to take Wolf or Wolverine but they are hard to find and even harder to get close to. It’s usually a game of chance but they are all through the area during the whole hunting season.

Yukon Outfitter and Professional Hunter

Mac Watson – Owner and operator of NorthCurl Outfitters in the Yukon.

My family has been in the outfitting business for three generations and over 60 years. My grandfather started trapping in the 1930’s and guiding in the 1940’s. When British Columbia formalized the concessions for Outfitters in the early 1960’s my grandpa was allotted an area on the Graham River in Northeastern BC. He homesteaded a ranch shortly after where my father was raised. My dad bought the business from grandpa in the late 1970’s and I was fortunate enough to grow up there as well.

I’m looking forward to years of great hunting with old friends and many new ones. My personal goal is to provide each and every client with the trip of a lifetime. There ‘s not a thing in this world I enjoy more than helping people enjoy the wilderness in pursuit of game, adventure and those memories that pop up again and again bringing a smile.

Our goal at NorthCurl Outfitters is to provide you with a hunt of the highest quality, in some of the most beautiful country in the north. Meeting your expectations is not acceptable. We will go a lot farther than that!

Reasons to Hunt with NorthCurl

  • Owner Operated
  • Beautiful Southern Lakes Region
  • High Concentrations of Dall Sheep
  • Third Generation Outfitter
  • Dedicated to a Hunt of a Lifetime
Q Dall Sheep, Yukon Moose, Grizzly Bear 14Day All inclusive Prices hunt

This hunt is in late September and 14 days long. Priced at $48,500.00 USD all inclusive.

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Additional Details

  • TYPES OF HUNTS:Free Range/Fair Chase Hunts, Horseback Hunts, Spot and Stalk Hunts
  • HUNTING HARDWARE:Rifle, Muzzleload, Archery/Bow
  • HUNTING LAND:Open Range, Public
  • NUMBER OF ACRES:Yukon Concession 17
  • BEAR:Grizzly
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  • DANGEROUS GAME:Grizzly Bear
  • MOOSE:Alaska-Yukon
  • SHEEP / RAMS:Dall
  • WOLF:Timberwolf