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5-Star All-Inclusive Fishing Trips in Ontario

Fly-in Boat-in Luxury Fishing Lodge for Walleye, Musky, Pike and Small Mouth Bass Smallies

CANADA FISHING at its best! Visit our All-Inclusive, 5-Star, First Class Island Lodge in Ontario, Canada! The moment you first step onto the island, you know. Our lodge is the one! At first, it’s because this beautiful property is nestled within the splendor of the Ontario wilderness. But you soon recognize there’s so much more to love here: the service, the pampering, the guides, the camaraderie, the comfort, the fishing, the food—the everything. The entire experience creates a lasting attraction. It’s an adoration that can only come from one of Ontario’s most prestigious fishing resorts. And it’s a fondness that calls people back year after year. So, come and feel the love.

The Best Fishing Outfitters in Ontario

Monster Pikes, Jumbo Smallies, Humungous Muskies, and the kind of Walleyes you’ve only dreamed of catching

There’s a reason the fish are so big here. We practice catch and release. Sure, we keep enough right-sized walleyes for shore lunch, but we release the big ones to invest in the lake and in your experience. This conservation has allowed us to produce well over 1,000 Master Angler fish every year. Plan a trip and capture some memories for yourself.

Corporate Fishing Trips in Ontario, Canada

Small Group and Large Group All-Inclusive Corporate Fishing Outfitters

If you’re fishing for a place to host your business offsite, you just landed a keeper. We’ve been hosting corporate outings for years. And we’ve perfected them, too. Whether it’s a small or big group, we can customize a trip that’s perfect for you. From team-building activities and fishing contests to special meal and dining arrangements, we’ll handle everything for you. After all, up here, we make it our business to take care of yours. So call today and see why no one does it like Gage Outdoors Fishing Expeditions.

Whether flown in or boated in, every guest is greeted the same: with the embrace of a breathtaking wilderness we call home. It’s an awe-inspiring start to what’s sure to become the trip of a lifetime. Helping make the experience even more magnificent is our unparalleled service. Amazing accommodations. Extraordinarily exquisite cuisine. And, of course, our world-class fishing. It’s all here, waiting for you, just 45 short miles north of Kenora, Ontario.

Luxury, All-Inclusive Fly-in Fishing Lodge in Ontario Canada

Northern Pike, Musky, Walleye and Small Mouth Bass Fishing Trips near Kenora

From our main lodge to each cozy cabin, your comfort is our mission. Just kick back, relax, and know we’ll handle the rest. Whether it’s carrying your bags, stocking your ice, or refreshing your cabin every day, it’s our pleasure to ensure you’re treated like royalty. And although we’re a remote destination, we offer all the modern amenities like satellite TV on fl at screens, electric heat, central air, soft beds, Wi-Fi, and more. In essence, it’s just like home. And we’ll work tirelessly to ensure it feels that way

Here, your chance of reeling in a trophy fish is more than good. It’s expected. If that doesn’t make you grin from ear to ear, this should: each year our guests land over 1,000 Master Angler fish. But other than a few shore-lunch sized walleyes, we don’t keep the big ones. Instead, we practice catch-and-release. This conservation allows our fish population to thrive, and results in bigger fish year after year. So although the catch is measured and then let go, the smile on your face should last a lifetime.


May – October


2 DAY/2 NIGHT: $1,603/PERSON

3 DAY/3 NIGHT: $2,404/PERSON

4 DAY/4 NIGHT: $3,206/PERSON

5 DAY/5 NIGHT: $4,007/PERSON

6 DAY/5 NIGHT: $4,809/PERSON

3 NIGHT/2 DAY: $1,807/PERSON

4 NIGHT/3 DAY: $2,672/PERSON

5 NIGHT/4 DAY: $3,473/PERSON

6 NIGHT/5 DAY: $4,275/PERSON

7 NIGHT/6 DAY: $5,076/PERSON

The Best Fishing Guides and Charters in Ontario Canada

Two things you should know about our guides. One, they will undoubtedly put you on fish. And two, they’re outfitted better than most outfitters. We’re talking premium rods for any species, with the kind of tackle you’d bring (if you had to bring any at all). Even our boats are top-of-the-line. Gage Outdoors fleet consists of 18.5-ft. Alumacraft boats with 90 HP Yamaha motors, custom made exclusively for us. In fishing terms, we’re equipped to the gills. Which means all you have to do bring is your passion to catch.

With a complimentary drink in hand, you make your way to a personal dining table and think, “I’m spoiled.” That is until dinner arrives. Our delectable five-course meals rival many famous five-star restaurants. It’s all thanks to our internationally trained chef. Our chef personally handcrafts our signature soups and prepares the most succulent entrées and desserts. Mornings are more of the same with scrumptious, made-to-order breakfasts. And oh, the shore lunches (we’ll get to that goodness later).

Gage Outdoor Expeditions owns and operates some of the finest hunting and fishing lodges throughout the Americas. From Alaska to the tip of Argentina, Gage Outdoor Expeditions seeks out the world’s premier hunting and fishing adventures so you don’t have to. Every hunting and fishing expedition we offer has been explored by a Gage Outdoor consultant and only the finest venues are represented. We understand your time is valuable & you can’t afford to plan for weeks or months just to have some minor detail ruin your hunting or fishing experience. We travel the distance to bring you “The Best of The Best”.

Ontario Fishing Lodge – Fly-in Fishing Trips for Pike, Muskies, Walleye and Small Mouth Bass in Canada

Luxury, All-Inclusive Fly-in Fishing Lodge in Ontario Canada for Pike, Musky, Walleye and Small Mouth Bass Fishing Trips near Kenora

Ontario Fishing Lodge | Fly-in Fishing Trips | Pike Muskies Walleye

5-Star Fly-in All-Inclusive Fishing Lodges Trips near Kenora Ontario Canada for Musky, Pike, Walleye and Small Mouth Bass Smallies

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  • TYPES OF HUNTS:Lake Boat
  • NUMBER OF ACRES:1 million
  • HUNTING ACCOMMODATIONS:Luxury, Hunting Lodge
  • FRESHWATER FISH:Freshwater fish, Muskellunge, Northern Pike, Smallmouth Bass, Walleye
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