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Saskatchewan Whitetail Hunts

Outfitters with Affordable Hunting Trip Packages and Prices for Trophy Whitetail Deer Hunts in Saskatchewan

Gunson Guiding & Outfitting has specialized in providing top quality wilderness hunting adventures since 2001.

Our Saskatchewan Whitetail territory is unique in that it is a true wilderness camp – there is essentially no hunting pressure, and many of the deer can live their life without encountering a human. Being a wilderness area, the deer densities are not as high as in some farmland areas, but our bucks get BIG.

We are located in an area of prime Black Bear habitat which gives us high bear densities, and big bear. While we are always experimenting with new locations and hunting tactics, we have a core group of bait sites that have been hunted for years– the bear know where they are and come back, year after year after year.

With our experienced moose hunting guides and ~1000 square mile wilderness hunting area (no roads), we provide a full wilderness Moose hunting experience. We get to our hunting areas by boat, canoe and/or ATV. We offer canoe hunts (river float) and camp-based hunts using ATV/s and/or boats to get around. Our Saskatchewan moose hunts are conducted in the rut, and provide exceptional value for a quality Moose hunt.

We cater to small groups of 4-6 hunters, and will customize the hunt to make it work for your group. Just a 3 hour drive from the airport in Saskatoon, or a ~300 mile drive from the North Dakota border our ‘staging area’ is relatively accessible.

Saskatchewan Whitetail Hunting Trips Packages and Prices

Whitetail Season Dates & Pricing – Call for availability on specific dates.

Hunt  $ 4,000.00 Dates
License  $      445.00 Nov.
GST  $      200.00 Nov.
PST  $        21.00 Nov.
Total  $ 4,666.00 Nov. -Dec.


– Camp is ideal for groups of 4-6 hunters.  A group of 4-6 hunters will book the full camp – we won’t add anyone to your group.

– For a group of less than 4 hunters, $15,000 (excluding licenses etc) will book the camp if you want a week to yourself.

– We are happy to book single hunters and smaller groups.


– Hunters arrive in camp on Sunday afternoon – hunt Monday-Saturday (afternoon/evenings) – and depart Sunday morning.

Remote Hunting Wilderness Camp:

– 10 miles past ‘the end of the road’, is our base camp, an old-school trappers camp on the banks of the Torch River.  To get there you will probably travel by all three of 4wd truck, ATV, AND boat…  It’s tough to get there.

– Modern ‘upgrades’ include a generator for basic electric service (lights, etc), a shower house, and wi-fi (via satellite).  No phone.

– The hunts are not physically demanding, but you must be able to ‘get around’ – in & out of boats, up and down river banks – and you must be able to travel on quads.


– We manage harvest rates very carefully.  We expect our hunters to ‘hold out’ for a mature buck ~140 class, or better. We assume you are not coming to Saskatchewan to shoot a deer you could easily get at home.

Hunt Includes:

– Accommodation: 2 log guest cabins, which can comfortably sleep 6 – up to 8 guests.

– Meals: Breakfast, bag lunch (if you are hunting), and a full meal after the hunting day is over.

– Guides provide transport to & from stands (via boat and/or ATV).

– Multiple pre-baited stands, scouted with trail cameras, for your guides to select from.

– Bear retrieval, skinning & prep for transport home or to a taxidermist (usually freezing).

– Fishing – in the river at camp.  The quality of the fishing varies significantly with the water levels.

Does Not Include:

– Transport to/from the hunting area: our hunters typically drive up, or fly Saskatoon and then rent a vehicle.

Jake and Cecilia have been working in the Guide/Outfitting industry since 1989.  GGO was established in 2001, hunting Whitetail in Manitoba.  We offer quality wilderness hunts in both Saskatchewan and Northern British Columbia.

Please call or e-mail to discuss you next hunting adventure!

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  • TYPES OF HUNTS:Cancellation Hunts, Cull/Meat Hunts, Free Range/Fair Chase Hunts, River Boat, Spot and Stalk Hunts
  • HUNTING HARDWARE:Rifle, Muzzleload, Archery/Bow
  • BEAR:Black
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  • DEER:Whitetail Deer
  • MOOSE:Western Canada
  • SHEEP / RAMS:Stone