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Austria Hunting Lodges and Outfitters

Hunting Trips for Alpine Ibex, Chamois, Roe Deer, Red Deer Stags and Capercaillie in Austria

With our wild and beautiful mountain areas in southern Salzburg, Carinthia and Tyrol, I offer you breathtaking hunting opportunities for majestic ibex, chamois, red deer, roe deer, black and capercaillie and the marmot in their natural habitats in the Alpine region.

Each of our hunting destinations has its own flair and attractions. In Austria, our guests have the opportunity to hunt for the very unique Alpine Ibex of which only a very limited amount of licenses are available per year. The Alpine Ibex represents a very exceptional trophy for the international hunter and should not be missing in any trophy collection. Austria is one of the very few countries in the world where the alpine ibex can be found and hunted and licenses are sold extremely fast each year. The opportunity to combine the hunt for Ibex with a hunt for top scoring red deer stags or the famous chamois is a very rare one on the international hunting market and highly appreciated by our guests from around the world.


European Hunting Trips

Outfitters and Lodges in Austria with Affordable Hunting Packages for Chamois, Ibex, Red Deer, Roe Deer and Capercaillie Hunting Trips

Austria is known as one of the top hunting destinations on the globe, with a special hunting tradition stretching back centuries. With strict game management and hunting still on private lands, record trophies are taken every year at the country’s top estates. Hunting was once the sole privilege of kings and nobles. Until the Austrian revolution in 1848, big game hunting in the mountains and glens of the Alps where mighty stags, great horned alpine ibex and chamois roamed was the exclusive privilege of aristocrats. The great castles and palaces of Europe are still often filled with the trophies bagged by royalty. The Emperor Franz Joseph and his nephew the Archduke Franz Ferdinand were passionate hunters themselves.

Path of Hunt Outfitting represents tradition, high quality trophies and nothing but the best service. Each and every hunt is perfectly tailored to the needs and requests of our clients. No hunt is ever the same as we customize every hunting adventure to our client’s personal requirements. Whether we hunt in Europe or Africa, our quality level remains the same. Luxurious accommodation in Austria or somewhere else – Path of Hunt will organise it for you no matter where your hunting adventure takes place.


The Best Hunting Agents in Europe

Path of Hunt is not your usual hunting agent, much more your ideal partner for exclusive and tailormade hunting adventures. Our guests enjoy and appreciate the personal service and attention to detail. No matter whether you prefer a traditional hunting lodge in the Austrian mountains, a luxurious mansion in Hungary or a deluxe tented hunting camp in Tanzania; together with our extremely careful selected partners we can make it happen.



All prices include VAT. Welding of any game is calculated at 50% of the trophy size estimated by the stalker.

  • Ibex up to 165 CIC (gold medal) from € 14,500.-
  • Class I red deer with no trophy limit from € 8,800.-
  • Class III red deer with no trophy limit from € 2,000
  • Class I chamois without a trophy limit from € 3,000
  • Class I chamois goats without a trophy limit from € 2,300
  • Class I roebucks without a trophy limit from € 1,400
  • marmots from € 250
  • Auerhahn from € 4,300
  • Birkhahn from € 1,600


Hunting day (daily rate): € 300 per hunter

Daily rate included

  • Accommodation during the hunt including breakfast in the hunting lodge or local top hotel industry
  • All trips in the hunting area as well as arrival and return travel to the nearest airport
  • All necessary hunting documents, hunting guest cards …
  • Professional support and hunting guidance by qualified hunting staff / professional hunters / academic hunting host
  • Preparation of all trophies


With “Path of Hunt, Outfitting ” we will invite to share unforgettable moments of great hunting.

Path of Hunt Outfitting

Roman Toferer

Akademischer Jagdwirt

A-5612 Hüttschlag

Wolfau 41c/1


UID Nr.: ATU 68424001

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Additional Details

  • TYPES OF HUNTS:Driven Hunts, Free Range/Fair Chase Hunts, Monterias, Spot and Stalk Hunts, Trophy Hunts
  • HUNTING HARDWARE:Rifle, Shotgun, Archery/Bow
  • HUNTING LAND:Open Range, Private Lease
  • NUMBER OF ACRES:Tens of Thousands
  • HUNTING ACCOMMODATIONS:Luxury, Safari, Hunting Lodge, Ranch House, Hunting Cabin
  • MIGRATORY BIRDS:Migratory Birds, Duck, Snipe, Teal
Show all
  • UPLAND BIRDS:Upland Birds, Capercaillie
  • CHAMOIS:Alpine
  • DEER:English Red, European Roe, Red Stag
  • ELK / WAPITI:Red Stag
  • IBEX:Alpine