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Saskatchewan Hunting Lodge

Fall Black Bear and Whitetail Deer Hunts

Combo hunts for bear and deer are conducted from our Swan Plain lodge near Winnipeg, Regina and Saskatoon in Saskatchewan, Canada

Saskatchewan Whitetail Deer Hunting Outfitters

Affordable Deer Hunting Packages in Sask

Our whitetail deer population is getting stronger and stronger, with several mild winters in a row. Although I have taken only a hand full of hunters the last several years, I have been baiting and setting trail cameras up to get a good idea how the deer are doing and I am really liking what I am seeing (check out the trail camera pictures). With that being said, I feel very confident to start booking more hunters for the fall.

Hunting is never a guarantee, but one thing we can promise is that every effort will be given to make your hunt as comfortable and successful as possible. Saskatchewan is known for growing magnificent whitetail and with these mild winters, comes healthy deer and in turn huge racks. One thing when you are sitting in the woods in Saskatchewan, is you never know what might walk out in front of you.

In Saskatchewan you are allowed to bait and you will be hunting over active bait sites. The shots will range from 40 yards to 200 plus yards, so there is something for all comfort levels. It can be very cold in Saskatchewan during the November rifle season, so warm clothes and boots are a must. Most whitetail hunters will sit all day (roughly 10 hours a day, roughly 730 AM-530 PM) as you never know when that buck of a lifetime may choose to walk by in the November rifle season.

These are 6 day hunts and the rifle season is November and the first week of December. License are $430 CAD and will be purchased by credit card about 1 month before the season starts (Oct. 1) and will be waiting for you at camp upon arrival. This hunt is at our lodge in Swan Plain, Saskatchewan and you are responsible to get to the camp yourself, once at camp all travel to and from hunt sites is included as well as preparation of your trophy for the trip home (not taxidermy or meat processing). The hunts are Full American Plan with food and lodging included.

Saskatchewan Spring Black Bear Hunting

Remote spring black bear hunts in northern Saskatchewan

With a lack of hunting pressure, our black bear population is thriving these days, with a great number of big, mature bears in the area. Considering the size of our outfitting area, we are only licensed for a small number of tags each year and have really taken a minimal amount of hunters the last several years. Combine this with very little resident bear hunting in the area and it makes for some great bear hunting.

Although we have been taking a very small number of bear hunters, we have had some great success with big bears and some beautiful colored bears as well and have many quality bears on trail camera still out there. These are fall bear hunts, usually done in the first 2 weeks of September. We take archery, muzzle loader, shot gun and rifle hunters, so stands will be set up accordingly. In Saskatchewan we are allowed to bait for bears, so all stands will have active baits with a combination of goodies for the bears. Most bear hunters will sit 4-8 hours a day, depending on what the trail cameras are showing and how serious they are about a trophy bear. For those a little more adventurous, we do some ground bear hunting as well.

License is $315 CAD and will be purchased by Credit Card roughly 1 month before the hunting season starts and will be waiting for you at camp upon arrival. You are responsible to get to the camp yourself, which is located in our lodge in Swan Plain, Sask., roughly 3 1/2 hours from Regina. Once at camp all travel to and from hunt sites is included, as well as preparation of your trophy for the trip home(not taxidermy). The hunts are Full American Plan with food and lodging included. We like to have at least 3 hunters in camp at a time.

Northern Black Bear Hunts

This bear hunt is in Northern Saskatchewan Bear Country and is a true northern experience, not just a bear hunt. These northern bears for the most part, are not overly scared of humans, so close contact is a definite possibility and we have plenty of stories to share (this hunt may not be for everyone). For the most part, no one hunts these bears so mature bears with big heads are very common and the highly sought after blonde/cinnamon color phase is also common in this area. We like to stalk the baits and hunt from the ground for that extra rush but we have tree stands out as well. You are also allowed to fish on your own (with a Sask. Fishing license) in one of the many lakes or rivers in the area but we are not licensed to guide fishermen.

This bear territory was new to Truly Canadian Outdoors in 2015 and in that short time, we have had tremendous success with several trophy bears going down. We have several well established bait sites, but continue to scout and look for new spots to hunt all the time. Because of the huge hunting area (best guess over 15,000 Sq. Miles), this hunt is operated out of a tent camp facility so that it can be moved around when needed.

Fall Black Bear Hunting in Sask

Camp is located 130km north of Pinehouse Lake, Sask., roughly a 7 hour drive from Saskatoon. The tent camp set up will be made as comfortable as possible. Clients are responsible to bring and cook their own food and clean up after themselves and everyone is asked to help out around camp a little with daily chores (fire wood, hauling water etc.).  There is a cooking/eating/shower shack with a partial wood frame and wood stove and it is recommended to bring either food for the BBQ or open fire (if allowed), something that can be heated up or something that can be fried/boiled, as there will be no oven. There will be pots and pans, plates and utensils but we recommend bringing paper plates to cut down on the clean up. We have large tents, with cots and propane heaters.

Saskatchewan Hunting Lodges near Yorkton, Regina and Saskatoon

Our main lodge, is centrally located in our hunting area in the village of Swan Plain Saskatchewan, in the east central part of the province, where the forest meets the farmland. It is roughly a 1 1/2 hour drive from Yorkton and a 3 1/2 hour drive from Regina on paved highway all the way, although some may question the last 20 miles as being paved. Our hunting locations are 5-30 miles from camp.

Built in 2007, the TCO lodge has most the amenities of home. It has 6 bedrooms and 5 full bathrooms with the kitchen/ living room area being open, a great place to tell stories from the days hunt, watch the big game on satellite TV or just simply relax by the fire. All bedding, linen and towels are already at camp for your convenience. Food and beverage (with some exceptions) are included as well. Most cell phones will have service in or around camp as well.

Northern Black Bear Hunting Camps in Saskatchewan

Our northern bear camp is quite the opposite and definitely does not have the amenities of home, although we do try to make it as comfortable as possible. Due to the fact that we are able to outfit in such a large area, we run these hunts out of a tent camp set up, giving us the ability to move around and hunt different areas, while at the same time keeping the travel distances down. On this hunt, you are responsible to bring and cook your own food and clean up after yourself, but most everything that is needed in a kitchen will be provided (a detailed list will be provided). There are plenty of chores to do around camp, things that you would take for granted at home, so everyone is asked to pitch in. Simple things like hauling water or heating it up for a shower or gathering wood for the fire, but I believe it all adds to the overall experience. You also need to bring a warm sleeping bag, pillow and towel.

Saskatchewan Hunting Guide

Elliot Maduck – Licensed Outfitter and Guide in Canada.

Welcome to Truly Canadian Outdoors (TCO).  My name is Elliott Maduck and I am the owner of TCO.  I have been guiding and outfitting for the past 25 years and have been very fortunate to have enjoyed the outdoors my whole life.  I am very proud of our great outdoors here in Saskatchewan and truly enjoy guiding and showing others what we have to offer.

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  • BEAR:Black
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