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Africa Hunting Safaris and Outfitters

Custom Luxury Trophy Hunts for Free-range, Fair Chase Big Game, Plains Game and the Big 5 in South Africa.

JKO Hunting Safaris has exclusive hunting rights to the best hunting hunting blocks and concessions in Africa. Whether it is for the first time hunter looking to hunt plains game in South Africa with his family. Or the experienced trophy collector that is looking for specific/rare species or to hunt dangerous game in any other part of Africa to the likes of Zimbabwe and Burkina Faso.

We offer first class African safari hunting packages with top quality trophies taken on each safari anywhere in Africa. We accompany each of our clients personally on each safari to make sure every client is safe and that the quality of safari lives up to it’s name!

JKO Hunting Safaris welcomes all hunters no matter their hunting capabilities, age or gender!

Hunting Trips in South Africa

All-Inclusive Luxury Safari Hunting Packages

South Africa is one of the most exciting countries to hunt in the world; it offers the hunter a diverse combination of vegetation, landscapes, and wildlife.

JKO Hunting Safaris offers our clients the opportunity to hunt anywhere in any of the 9 provinces in with our South Africa hunting safari packages. We have a concession in each province of South Africa and we pride ourselves in the fact that not one of our concessions is smaller than 15 000 acres with the largest being an astonishing 50 000 acres plus!

With having access to the best hunting concessions in South Africa, JKO Hunting Safaris over hunters the opportunity to hunt over 45 different species within South Africa. Trophy quality will always be of the highest standards.

Our lodges and camps on the different concessions vary from comfortable personal tented camps and Safari-style homes to 5 Star Lodging that the whole family can enjoy. Whatever you have in mind for your safari JKO has the variety to suit your needs with our ideal South Africa hunting safari packages.

In each camp/lodge you can look forward to being spoiled with authentic African cuisine, enjoy the meat of the animals you harvested in camp while you are on safari. All our packages and safaris include all meals, drinks and any extra costs will be specified beforehand. We believe in straight forward business with NO hidden costs.

Hunting Safari Lodge in Free State

South Africa Safari Hunting Packages on a Private Game Reserve

This 40,000 acres picturesque private game reserve in the heart of  the Free State is characterized by high ridges, ravines, rocky outcrops and plains. The ideal location for custom Free State hunting safari packages to hunt the game species which reside on the game reserve.

The main lodge and mountain retreat are very well equipped and offer magnificent scenery and wildlife on their doorsteps; a marvelous retreat from the hustle and bustle of everyday city life, an excellent venue to spend quality time with family and friends.

Sandy Mount offers a hunter the opportunity to hunt over 25 species in one single area with our Free State hunting safari packages.  Hence there is no waste of time on the road traveling between hunting areas. With buffalo numbers exceeding far over 80 animals you can be assured that you will have a wide variety of options when hunting buffalo on foot in this beautiful private reserve.

Top shelf traditional South African cuisine and naturally meat from the animals harvested by you as the hunter are served in the 4-star lodge with a wide selection of wine to choose from.

Big 5 Trophy Hunts in North West

All-Inclusive Safari Hunting Packages for Dangerous Game in South Africa

North West hunting safari packages offers a hunter to hunt plains game and dangerous game in between elephant, lion, buffalo, hippo and crocodile with the occasional leopard passing through. With offering 4 of the Big 5 you cannot find a better safari experience anywhere in South Africa, even if you only hunt plains game you will encounter these big game animals and that will put your safari experience on a whole different level! The North West area also offers a hunter a little bit of everything when it comes to the terrain, open fields, rolling hills and thick brush!

Accommodation is very comfortable and being only a 3-hour drive from the airport makes for easy travelling to your ideal custom North West hunting safari packages.

Northern Cape Plains Game Trophy Hunts

Kalahari Desert Hunting Safari Lodge and Outfitters in South Africa

Our Northern Cape Concession covers a large area of around 35 000 acres, our area is situated in the heart of the Kalahari desert but still boast a very diverse terrain which includes some rocky ridges, big red sand dunes and wide open Savannah. Our Northern Cape hunting safari packages includes and is known to produce exceptional Gemsbuck and Springbuck however trophy quality across the other 22 species offered in this area are way above average. The saying goes that when you visit the Kalahari you become human again!

Experience the tranquility only the Kalahari can offer with our premier Northern Cape hunting safari packages!

South Africa Limpopo Fair Chase Plains Game Hunting Trips

Covering over 32 000 acres of Mopani Bushveld our Limpopo Concession offers hunters a challenging and exciting safari experience… This area is unique as it offers clients the opportunity to hunt crocodile and hippo combined with a buffalo or plains game of their choice. We offer Limpopo Hunting Safari Packages for any level of experience hunter. Limpopo Hunting is done on foot by tracking your targeted species, the terrain does not allow for very long shots due to the classic thick Mopani brush and can provide some exciting close encounters.

The Limpopo Safari area boasts high numbers of buffalo, big kudu, Limpopo bushbuck, spotted hyena, bush pig, hippo, crocodile, sable, roan, nyala and 16 plus common plains game species. If you want a classic Limpopo Hunting Safari Package with the amenities of the modern day this area will provide exactly what you are looking for!

Free-Range Hunting in Eastern Cape

Affordable Safari Hunting Packages for Plains Game in South Africa

With free range hunting becoming more popular the last couple of years we partnered up with a leading conservancy in the Eastern Cape province of South Africa. With our aim to deliver supreme Eastern Cape hunting safari packages for you. The total size of the conservancy covers close to 200 000 acres of prime untouched African bush. Hunting free range can be challenging at times as you never know what you will see or what to expect when leaving camp, some days might be very quiet and other days action will be non-stop.

Despite its size, this area still has a lot of game to offer and you will be able to fulfill your wish list in 7 to 10-day Eastern Cape hunting safari packages. This area offers only plains game species that is commonly found in the Eastern Cape Province.

Long days with lunch out in the bush makes for a memorable safari while you hunt completely free range trophies!

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Additional Details

  • TYPES OF HUNTS:Cancellation Hunts, Free Range/Fair Chase Hunts, River Boat, Sea Boat, Spot and Stalk Hunts, Trophy Hunts
  • HUNTING HARDWARE:Rifle, Shotgun, Archery/Bow, Fishing Rod
  • HUNTING LAND:Low Fence, Open Range, Private Lease
  • NUMBER OF ACRES:500,000
  • HUNTING ACCOMMODATIONS:Luxury, Safari, Hunting Lodge
  • UPLAND BIRDS:Upland Birds, Francolin, Grouse, Guineafowl, Sandgrouse
Show all
  • BLESBOK:Common, White
  • BONTEBOK:Bontebok
  • BIG CATS:African Cheetah, African Leopard, African Black Mane Lion, African Wildcat, Caracal, Cheetah, South African Lion
  • DAMALISCUS:Blesbok, Bontebok, Tsessbe
  • DANGEROUS GAME:African Elephant, Rhinoceros, Cape Buffalo, Hippopotamus, Leopard, Lion, Nile Crocodile, Water Buffalo
  • DEER:Pere Davids
  • DUIKER:Blue, Common, Red-flanked
  • ELAND:Cape, Livingstone
  • IBEX:Nubian
  • IMPALAS:Black-faced, Common
  • KUDU:Cape, Eastern Cape, Greater
  • NYALA:Common
  • ORYX / GEMSBOK:Addax, Scimitar-horned
  • PYGMY ANTELOPE:Klipspringer, Cape Grysbok, Sharpe Grysbok, East African Suni, Livingstone Suni
  • REEDBUCKS & RHEBOK:Western Mountain, Vaal Rhebok
  • ROAN:East African, Southern
  • SABLE:Common, Roosevelt
  • SPRINGBUCK / SPRINGBOK:Black, Copper, South African, White
  • TSESSEBE:Tsessebe
  • WATERBUCK:Common
  • WILDEBEEST:Black, Blue
  • WILD BOAR / WILD HOGS:African WartHog, Bushpig
  • ZEBRA:Burchell's