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South Africa Hunting Safaris

Rifle and Bowhunting Archery Fair Chase Hunts

There are over 27 indigenous species of antelope in the country. From the tiny Duiker to the majestic Eland, most of the antelope available can be hunted by both rifle or bow hunters. These hunts are fun and challenging. Due to the fact that these hunts occur in a range of beautiful locations and that the animals are free from the pressures of the human population, make these hunts even better. Hunting plains game is also a large factor in the conservation of these species of animal in South Africa. This has ensured that there is a healthy population of plains game available, which has made recreational hunting a crucial step in maintaining the plains game populations in the country. This is our core belief, that while trophy has its place, it should ultimately be used as a means to ethically manage and conserve game in the country to ensure a healthy biodiversity between the animals and the environment.

Big 5 Hunting in South Africa

Dangerous Game Trophy Hunting for Lion, Elephant, Leopard, Rhino and Crocodile

The lure of Africa for the sportsmen has always been the “Big 5” and other dangerous animals. We can offer the African elephant, lion, leopard, white rhinoceros and Cape buffalo, as well as hyena, Nile crocodile and hippopotamus. More commonly known as “The Big Five”, hunting pioneers have used this phrase to classify the five most dangerous animals one can find in Africa. The title doesn’t refer to their size but to their potential to kill a careless hunter with ease.

Dangerous game hunting in South Africa is the ultimate hunting adventure and it is seen as an achievement for many serious hunters. Today, hunters can hunt four of “The Big Five” in a sustainable manner. Hunting Africa offers excellent dangerous game hunting safaris for serious big game hunters.

On your Big Five dangerous game hunting safari, you’ll have the opportunity to:

Hunt Elephant in South Africa

The African Savannah elephant is the largest land mammal in Africa. An elephant provides sustenance for impoverished populations and its hide and ivory helps boost the economy through cultural applications.

However, tracking a mature and majestic elephant is one of the biggest thrills a big game hunter can wish for. Its sheer size and ability to disappear within the think African bush without a sound makes the elephant an awe inspiring animal to see.

South Africa Cape Buffalo Hunting

Professional hunters consider The Cape buffalo as the most dangerous animal to hunt on a big five hunting trip. Its abundance and affordability makes the Cape buffalo one of the most hunted animal in the group.

There are hair raising stories told by hunters about the buffalo’s ability to ambush even the most experienced of hunters. And, although it is much smaller in size to that of the elephant, it is certainly the only species to have killed the most hunters.

However, its dark bulk and impressive horns will surely make you pay attention when on the hunt for this beautiful animal.

Hunt Lion in Africa

Nothing more majestic than the African lion. A big five hunting safari isn’t complete without hearing a lion’s roar in the bush.  Stories by the Masai tribes of East Africa say that a lion only frightens you twice: the first time you hear it and the second time you see it. Its large mane, muscular frame and mighty roar does paint a rather vivid picture of danger.

The African lion finds itself in a situation where its habitat is decreasing rapidly because of human intrusion. Along with the debate around lion hunting in modern day Africa shows the lack of an alternate means to hunt lions in a sustainable manner.

South Africa Leopard Hunting

The fourth member of the big five group is the leopard, or more affectionately, “Mr. Spots.” If you hear the rasping call of a patrolling leopard at night followed by the blood curdling yelps of a troop of baboons then feel blessed as you will have experienced Africa in its most raw form. An encounter with a wounded leopard won’t end result in death. Even when wounded, a leopard remains a dangerous animal indeed.

Dangerous Seven 7 Hunting Trips

Add Nile Crocodile and Hippo to your Big 5 Hunting Safari in South Africa

Many hunters believe that a big five hunting safari isn’t complete without the addition of the Nile croc or the hippo. It is considered that because they are also dangerous, they can make for fine hunting in their own ways. This has spawned a new term, “Dangerous Seven.”

South Africa Outfitter and Professional Hunter – Willie Vermaak

Born and raised in South Africa, Willie graduated from the University of Potchefstroom in the early 1980s. Willie joined the South African Defense Force during the conflict in Namibia and Angola. Leaving his military career behind as a captain, Willie turned to hunting to become a qualified professional hunter and hunting guide from the prestigious Johan Calitz Hunting School.

Willie became a freelance hunter for many local hunting outfitters over the years until he established and registered Hunting Africa in 2002.

Today, Willie has 24 years of experience in the hunting industry. He’s a proficient rifle, bow and shotgun hunter and is a member in good standing with KZNHA. Willie enjoys the whole experience of hunting in Africa and is equally at ease guiding hunters on a variety of plains game hunts, bird hunting safaris or stalking dangerous game.

In addition to being a professional hunting guide and a hunting outfitter, Willie is also a THETA qualified national tour guide and tour operator.

When Willie’s isn’t conducting a hunting safari, you will find him in the bush sharing his knowledge with tourists who want to experience all things African.

Willie’s Experience

Willie has conducted hunting safaris and tours across all of the countries that make up Southern Africa: South Africa itself, Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe as well as Mozambique.

In addition to hunting, fishing and touring, Willie has culled thousands of plains game on a large scale for export of venison for human consumption to the European restaurant market.

Willie has travelled extensively across central Europe, across all of the Scandinavian countries, across the United States of America and also across Africa.

Willie believes that modern day conservation as well as sustainable hunting practices, will ensure that wildlife will be ecologically safe in Africa for future generations to come.

South Africa Hunting Packages and Prices

Game offered in these Hunting Packages is for plains game antelope in the Free State, Northwest and KwaZulu-Natal provinces of South Africa and Namibia, providing excellent hunt holidays. Hunts conducted by African hunting guides, legally licensed and accredited with PHASA. Prices quoted for 1 Professional Hunter (PH) guiding 1 hunter (1×1), OR, 1 Professional Hunter (PH) guiding 2 hunters (2×1).

Blesbuck (Common)    $ 420

Blue Wildebeest          $ 950

Caracal (chance encounter)    $ 650

Caracal (dedicated, pack of dogs)      $ 1 500

Duiker (Common)       $ 350

Duiker (Blue)   $ 1 500

Duiker (Red)    $ 1 500

Eland (Cape)    $ 2 500

Eland (Livingston) – limited number $ 8 000

Elephant          (on request + CITES 2 permit)

Fallow deer (exotic-March/April/May)          $ 800

Gemsbuck/Oryx (southern/common)            $ 1 350

Gemsbuck/Oryx (southern/common) > 40”+            $ 1 500

Giraffe (southern-bull)            $ 3 000

Hyena (Spotted)          $ 2 300

Hyena (Brown)            $ 1 650

Impala (Southern)       $ 450

Jackal (Black backed) $ 50

Klipspringer     $ 1 350

Kudu (Eastern Cape)   $ 1 900

Kudu (southern greater- Below 50”) $ 2 500

Kudu (southern greater) -49”-53&6/8ths”     $ 3 700

Kudu (southern greater) 53 &7/8ths” +         $ 4 500

Lechwe (red)   $ 3 150

Nyala   $ 2 750

Nyala RW 27” +           $ 3 300

Ostrich            $ 600

Rabbit/Scrub Hare/Springhare           $ 20

Reedbuck (common) $ 1 100

Reedbuck (mountain) $ 950

Red Hartebeest – Cape/Southern      $ 990

Roan    $11 500

Sable < 40”      $ 7 500

Sable RW 40” > 44”     $10 500

Scimitar Oryx (exotic) $ 4 500

Springbuck (common)            $ 350

Springbuck (copper)   $ 3 500

Springbuck (black)      $ 900

Springbuck (white)     $ 1 000

Steenbok         $ 375

Tsessebe         $ 2 800

Vaal/Grey Reebok       $ 1 400

Warthog          $ 380

Waterbuck (common) < 27”   $ 2 000

Waterbuck (common) RW28” +         $ 2 500

White rhino     (on request + CITES 2 permit)

Zebra (Plains/Burchells)         $ 1 350


2 Hunters sharing x 1 PH (plains game)         $ 330

1 Hunter x 1 PH (plains game)            $ 400

*2 Hunters x 1 PH (big game) $ 475

*1 Hunter x 1 PH (big game) $ 700

Non hunting observer/s sharing         $ 200

Single supplement, non sharing, add per day            $ 35 for private room


Dove/Pigeons x 3, Guinea Fowl x 1, Francolin x 2, Ducks x 2 and Geese x 2

1 x Gun            $ 700

2 x Guns sharing         $ 650

3/4 Guns sharing         $ 550

5/6 Guns and more, sharing   $ 500

Non shooting observer/s sharing       $ 200

Single supplement, non sharing, add per day            $ 35


Please enquire about our collector hunts. We offer 2 x pigeon, 4 x dove, 6 x upland francolin, 2 x geese, 2 x guinea fowl, 11 x duck and 2 x sandgrouse species for the serious bird hunting collector. Seasons, license conditions and bag limits differ widely between the provinces and need adequate lead times as well as extensive local travel.

Mozambique Hunting Prices and Packages

Over 980,000 acres of Big Game Hunting in Mozambique Africa

We offer and conduct hunts in the country of Mozambique within the Tete province on the southern shore line of Lake Cahorra Bassa, sandwiched between the lake and international northern border of Zimbabwe. The hunting camp is situated on a slight rise on the shoreline of this water body and a five hour road trip to the west from the capital of Tete and the airport which is the local point of arrival from South Africa’s Johannesburg International (OR Tambo) via SAA Airlink. The area is not owned by us but we have a perfectly legal agreement with the owner to utilize it and the available quota, as we have done the past number of years. These hunting grounds are in excess of 938 000 acres (yes, nine hundred and thirty eight thousand) this being said, however can easily be interpreted wrong by the reader and prospective big game hunter. Firstly, most of this area is not traversable by 4×4 hunting vehicle as there is not much of a road system to access it and secondly it may create the wrong impression regarding necessary habitat for big game animals. All animals need a constant supply of water which result in game moving in a relatively “narrow belt” of approximately 15 miles adjacent to the water and this is where we hunt. African big game species we offer in the area are mainly for Cape buffalo, Nile crocodile and Leopard. Due to USFW and CITES limitations regarding the export and import of trophies from Mozambique to the States, Elephant and Hippo are off the menu for USA hunters. Unless…both species are available with legal Mozambique hunting licenses to American hunters wanting to hunt these two species on a non-exportable quota should they wish? The hunts here are not for the faint hearted and it must be made clear that the area is not a high density species habitat. Apart from buffalo, crocodile and leopard there are limited plains game species such as Sable, Chobe bushbuck and Bush pig on quota. These hunts are “old school” meaning that most of the hunting is hard core, especially for buffalo and following these bovine’s tracks on foot. Leopard hunts are conducted from the classical hanging of meat baits hung in potential good spots (pun intended)where these predators move from blinds constructed from natural vegetation. Although the official hunting season in Mozambique starts in April and run through to end November annually, it definitely is not advisable to safari hunt all these months. Rain, very dense, tall and thick grass and other vegetation limit successful hunting early in the season and the latter part normally is incredibly hot with very high discomfort temperature levels. The months of June, July and August are undoubtedly the most practical for your Mozambique hunting trip with the highest possible potential for success.

CAPE BUFFALO 11 days inclusive of day of arrival and day of departure

CROCODILE 8 days inclusive of day of arrival and day of departure Daily rate p/d – 7 Days: $ 7 000 Trophy incl. License fee: $ 3 750 Hunt Card: $ 200 Firearm Permit: $ 300 – we seriously suggest to rather make use of camp rifle Trophy drop-off: $ 350 TOTAL: $ 11 600

LEOPARD 15 days inclusive of day of arrival and day of departure Daily rate p/d – 14 Days: 14 000 Trophy incl. License fee: $ 6 000 Hunt Card: $ 200 Firearm Permit: $ 300 – we seriously suggest to rather make use of camp rifle Trophy drop-off: $ 350 Baits included TOTAL: $ 20 850

Namibia Hunting Prices and Packages

Plains game antelope package, hunt antelope, 10 hunting days/11 nights. US $ 5 990 – 2×1. US $ 6 500 – 1×1.

Good area for Oryx hunting as well as zebra hunts for Hartmann zebra. Damara Dik-dik also available in this area, for the serious trophy collector. Namibia also is of course the single best country in the world today for cheetah hunts. Location: North-western Namibia, south of Etosha Park, about 30km south-east of town of Kamanjab. 8 000ha (19 800) open (not game fenced) area, although cattle fences are in place. Beautiful rock outcrops with camel thorn trees, grass plains. Ideal hunting country. Luxurious, comfortable accommodation with separate bathroom/toilet to be shared, similar to 3*. 1 Kudu bull (southern/greater) or 1 Hartmann’s zebra 1 Gemsbok/Oryx (southern) or 1 Red hartebeest 1 Springbuck (common) 1 Warthog 1 Steenbuck OR Duiker (common) OR Baboon Non hunting observer/companion – US $ 180 per person, per day. Price includes:

Q Karoo Kudu Hunting Package

Karoo Kudu Hunting Package

The Karoo is one of the least developed areas in South Africa. This region very much reflect areas in west Texas. At first impression it is a dry, rocky, sun baked region with not much to see. Nothing can be further from the truth. Once one really starts observing, the more you’ll find that it in fact is teeming with life.The areas we hunt here are very large, hundreds of thousands of acreage with hardly any people around, offering real, hard core hunters excellent opportunities where their skill will be tested with various challenges. This area probably has the highest density of Aoudad in South Africa as these wild sheep thrive in it as it is very similar to the mountainous areas of the Atlas mountains in north Africa from where they stem. The Kudu, Gemsbok and Springbuck that occur here are all challenging hunts in their own right and excellent adventures.

Our Karoo Kudu hunting package includes:

$ 3 900 per person/hunter
7 hunting days/8 nights
Only valid till end August 2017
1 x Kudu bull
1 x Gemsbuck/Oryx
1 x Springbuck

Q KwaZulu Natal and Free State Combined Hunting Package

Kwazulu Natal Free State Hunting Package

KwaZulu Natal and the Free State provinces are two neighbouring provinces within South Africa. The terrain, geography, vegetation as well as game animals that occur in it are quite different from the other and this package offer reflects the variety that is possible. Whilst the one offers a lot of possible close encounters and shorter shooting distances with bush dwelling game the other are wide open plains animals with fantastic eyesight and longer distances that is hunted over. This package offer a very big variety of plains game species to the hunter that would like to sample different conditions, hunting techniques and see more of South Africa as a country.

This hunting package includes:

10 Hunting days/11 Nights – 7 Plains game species
Blue wildebeest
Red hartebeest
Black wildebeest
$ 6 900 per package

Q South African Plains Game Hunting Package

The essence of our South African plains game hunting package is to make an African hunting experience available to first time hunters or those at a limited budget to still enjoy the splendor and lure of South Africa in an as cost effective way possible.

It is ideal for Father/son, Father/daughter or Mom/Pop & Kids hunts that will not break the bank and create a never-to-be-forgotten special life experience. These adventures are as much about the hunt as it is about bonding.

Our South African plains game hunting package includes four Plains game antelope species that you can hunt during a 6 day, 7 night hunting trip.

US $ 3 990 – 2×1
US $ 4 290 – 1×1

The location for the hunt will be in the Freestate province. Accommodation is a comfortable, non luxurious (similar to 3*) accommodation with en-suite facilities and all necessary amenities. Malaria free area.

1 Black wildebeest per hunter.
1 Blesbok (common) per hunter.
1 Impala (southern) per hunter.
1 Springbok (common) per hunter.
Non hunting observer/companion – US $ 180 per person, per day.

Your request has been submitted successfully.

Additional Details

  • TYPES OF HUNTS:Cancellation Hunts, Cull/Meat Hunts, Free Range/Fair Chase Hunts, Spot and Stalk Hunts, Trophy Hunts
  • HUNTING HARDWARE:Rifle, Shotgun, Archery/Bow
  • HUNTING LAND:High Fence, Low Fence, Open Range, Private Lease
  • NUMBER OF ACRES:70,000 and 980,000
  • MIGRATORY BIRDS:Migratory Birds, Dove, Duck, Geese, Pigeon
Show all
  • UPLAND BIRDS:Upland Birds, Francolin, Grouse, Guineafowl, Sandgrouse
  • BLESBOK:Common, White
  • BONTEBOK:Bontebok
  • BUFFALO / BISON / MUSKOX / YAK:African Cape/Southern
  • BIG CATS:African Leopard, Caracal, South African Lion
  • DAMALISCUS:Blesbok, Bontebok, Tsessbe
  • DANGEROUS GAME:African Elephant, Rhinoceros, Cape Buffalo, Hippopotamus, Leopard, Lion, Nile Crocodile, Water Buffalo
  • DEER:Fallow
  • DUIKER:Blue, Common, Harvey Red
  • ELAND:Cape, Livingstone
  • IMPALAS:Black-faced, Common, Southern
  • KUDU:Eastern Cape, Greater, Southern
  • LECHWE:Red
  • NYALA:Common
  • ORYX / GEMSBOK:Addax, Arabian, Scimitar-horned
  • PYGMY ANTELOPE:Klipspringer
  • REEDBUCKS & RHEBOK:Common, Southern Mountain
  • ROAN:Southern
  • SABLE:Common
  • SPRINGBUCK / SPRINGBOK:Black, Copper, South African, White
  • STEENBUCK:Steenbok
  • TSESSEBE:Tsessebe
  • WATERBUCK:Common
  • WILD BOAR / WILD HOGS:African WartHog, Bushpig
  • ZEBRA:Burchell's