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South Texas All-Inclusive Hunting Lodge for Deer, Dove, Upland and Exotic Hunts

Axis Deer, Axis Buck, Red Stag, Scimitar Horned Oryx and Whitetail Deer

High-Fence MLD Hunts in Texas.

We hunt Deer from October through February. We are a Level 3 MLDP Ranch so our season is extended to allow us to properly manage our deer.

South Texas Trophy Deer Hunting is fully guided to include transportation on the ranch, 1 on 1 guide service, field dressing of game, trophy pictures in the field, and preparation of game for taxidermy. All persons hunting at our hunting lodge in Texas are required to have a valid hunting license.

The White-Tailed Deer herd at Long Shot Ranch is greatly enhanced by 10+ years breeding and releasing improved genetics. As a result, we have deer in the 150-225″ range on the ranch.  11 ago we released some beautiful Red Stags and Hinds (females) on our south Texas Ranch. It has taken some time and considerable effort to get the herd in prime shape, but boy has it paid off. The stags take to “Roaring” in early October during their rut season, and that is when we start tracking them down. We have added both Axis Deer hunting and Scimitar Horned Oryx Hunts to the South Texas ranch in the past 5 years, and they too are a sight to behold! The number of harvestable animals is limited, so act soon to hunt these guys.

South Texas Hunting Lodge for Upland Birds and Deer Hunting

All-Inclusive Hunting Lodge for Father-Son Hunting Trips

Long Shot Hunting Ranch (LSR) is located deep in the heart of South Texas Deer Hunting country, near the famous Rattlesnake Round-up! This private lodge has rooms that are modern, beautiful, and comfortable.  We provide full meal service with wine and desert at all out meals; snacks also provided. Long Shot Hunting Ranch has added 4 new private rooms with in-suite baths, and luxury accommodations. Two of the suites are disabled friendly!!!

We have 4 new rooms with private bathrooms, rooms in the large Guest House or Private Cabins, a resort common area with kitchen, dining and lounge- where gourmet meals are served every evening. An 800 sq. ft. covered pavilion with BBQ grill, fire pit and comfortable seating offers more fun outdoor leisure. There is a walk- in cooler, freezers, smoke house, and meat processing area.  At Long Shot Ranch hunting lodge the food is fabulous!. We pride ourselves on a variety of quality meals served each day.  This is not your every day Texas Hunting Ranch.

We have kennels if you want to work your bird dog on a quail hunt, email us for more details.

Upland Bird Hunting over Dogs in South Texas

Quail, Chukar and Dove Day Hunts – $595/day

Dove Hunting–Weekend All Inclusive Dove Hunting. 8 Gun Minimum–$350/gun

These are liberated Quail Hunting & Chukar hunts over pointing and flushing dogs!! These hunts are fully guided, all inclusive hunts for a minimum of 3 hunters for 2 days & 1 night. We liberate 200 quail or 100 chukar or a mix per hunt

We use Brittany Spaniels for pointing and Boykin for flushing out quail. These hunting dogs are not only great hunters, they are our pets and we love them!

Quail hunting trips include all food, lodging, and transportation on the ranch. A guide with hunting dogs, game cleaning and bagging supplies, and transport is with you from departure to return. For our two-day quail hunting trip, we release 200 quail or 100 chukar. We hunt them with our hunting dogs until we get our limit or run out of time. Then we search for deer.

We recommend using 20 gauge 8 shot for quail hunting. Most of the shots are close and 8 shot is plenty of bang and safe for the hunting dogs. We require that all quail hunting participants wear an orange vest and hat during these hunts. Even our Hunting Dogs. As stated above… SAFETY FIRST. You cannot un-pull the trigger.

We have Deer Hunting Rifles and Quail Hunting Shotguns for rent.  You may bring your own shot gun or rifle, or you may rent one of our guns and buy our ammunition. If you don’t have proper safety gear, we will loan you a set or you can purchase Long Shot quail hunting and deer hunting hats and vests at the ranch. Gun Rental–$75/Day

We have kennels if you want to work your bird dog on a quail hunt, email us for more details.

Whitetailed Deer Hunts Average Pricing

Trophy Buck hunts start at $4,500

  • 150″ – 169 7/8″      $4,500
  • 170″-  189 7/8″      $5,500
  • 190″ – 199 7/8″      $6,500
  • 200″ – 209 7/8″      $8,000
  • 210″ & 219 7/8″     $9,500
  • 220″ & up                P.O.R.

Exotic Hunts – Fully Guided, All inclusive hunting for exotic species

  • Trophy Class Red Stag–$5,500–Trophy Red Stag Deer Hunting from 225″ – up
  • Trophy Axis Deer–$3,000–Trophy Axis deer hunting from 30″ – up
  • Trophy Scimitar Horned Oryx–$3,500

Affordable Does, Hinds and Cow Hunting

We have a limited number of deer hunting for meat hunts available and once the quota set by the biologists is met they will no longer be available

  • White Tailed Deer Doe–$500
  • Red Deer Hind–$750
  • Axis Deer Doe–$600

Cast & Blast Hunt and Fish Combo Trip

The ranch offers first class hunting, fishing, and cast & blast excursions. We have 2 locations: Peak Fishing Season runs until mid-October. Fishing remains good through November. In the morning, start with trout fishing at our waterfront lodge on Baffin Bay, Padre Island. In the afternoon, move to Long Shot Ranch for Texas Dove hunting. There is no better way to wind down the summer and greet the fall in South Texas.  The ranch has 2 pastures:
The 800 acre Main Pasture offers fully guided hunting for:

  • Trophy Whitetails
  • Trophy Red Stags
  • Trophy Axis deer
  • Trophy Oryx
  • Does and management deer
  • Dove and Quail hunting with dogs

The Trophy Pasture is 400 acres of strictly Super Trophy Whitetails!!

Padre Island Fishing Outfitter and Lodge

The Island Time Fishing Lodge is a Bay Flats waterfront house on Padre Island, it features First class living accommodations, continental breakfast, box lunch, happy hour and gourmet dinners.  All trips are professionally guided, we offer:

  • Bay Trips for trout, redfish, black drum & flounder
  • Cast and Blast for Dove and Bay fishing
  • Cast and Blast for Ducks and Bay fishing
  • Email for availability and current pricing. We look forward to hearing from you.

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Additional Details

  • TYPES OF HUNTS:Cancellation Hunts, Cull/Meat Hunts, Over Dogs, Spot and Stalk Hunts, Trophy Hunts
  • HUNTING HARDWARE:Rifle, Shotgun, Fishing Rod
  • HUNTING LAND:Private Lease
  • NUMBER OF ACRES:800 acres
  • HUNTING ACCOMMODATIONS:Hunting Lodge, Ranch House
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  • UPLAND BIRDS:Chukar, Partridge, Quail, Sandgrouse
  • DEER:Whitetail Deer, Axis, Texas Whitetail