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Driven Red-Legged Partridge, Perdiz Shoots and Wild Boar Monterias near Madrid

Year-round hunting in Spain for Perdiz and Partridge

Quintanar is a unique and exceptional place for partridge shooting, and due to special circumstances, we are allowed to shoot at any time of year. We have been shooting partridges in Quintanar for the last four generations. The property’s centenary shrub oaks, gall oaks, pines, junipers and a varied orography, broken by gullies, together offer a changing landscape and a wide range of shooting situations, which make every drive different.

Driven partridge shooting in Spain is recognised worldwide for its quality. It was introduced at the end of the 19th Century and promoted by King Alfonse XIII, the finest shot of his time. By the early 1920’s the sport was already very popular on the most important Spanish estates.

Red-Legged Spanish Partridge Shooting

Hunting Trips for Partridge near Madrid

The Spanish strain of red-legged partridge is particularly fast and agile and the style of shooting is extremely exciting. No other game bird provides the same exhilarating range of challenging shooting.

A great variety of birds are seen, often within a single drive – ultra-high overheads curling on a good crosswind; low, grouse-type birds skimming the scrub in front of you or coming as fast crossers; and everything in between.

The guns stand in butts, portable or fixed, and the stands are designed so the guns can shoot freely at any height in front or behind.

Luxury Sporting Estate near Madrid

Ten luxurious ensuite bedrooms

The house is equipped for both large and small groups, family & friends or for company entertaining. The bedrooms are spacious and extremely comfortable, with modern bathrooms, comfortable armchairs,  plenty of cupboard space and stunning views across the countryside.

Downstairs there is a large drawing room, a dining room which seats 25, and a sitting room with a warming fire.

We entertain in family style; we host your stay ourselves, and if our children are at home you will find them waiting at table and helping us look after you.  We serve simple, delicious food, and fine Spanish wines.


  • Double or twin beds
  • Comfortable beds with feather pillows
  • Ensuite bathrooms with a shower (or bath and shower)
  • Luxury Soaps
  • Fluffy monogrammed towels
  • Views out over the estate

Bespoke Hunting and Shooting Packages

Custom prices for Driven Perdiz, Partridge and Wild Boar Monterias


  • €40 per bird*
  • Three to four drives depending on the number of birds shot. Minimum bag is 500 birds.
  • Unlimited free cartridges included in the price.
  • We can accommodate up to ten guns & their companion


  • All Included
  • Full board accommodation at The Palace
  • Wine & spirits
  • 10 suite type double rooms
  • Breakfast and dinner at The Palace
  • Taco between drives (Elevenses)
  • Lunch at plaza de toros


  • transport INCLUDED
  • Transport from/to Madrid airport
  • Transport in 4X4 inside the estate

Quintanar is located 75 minutes drive from Madrid Barajas Airport

Madrid to Quintanar is 102 kms by motorway.

Barajas airport to Quintanar is 115 kms by motorway.

There is a high speed train (AVE) from central Madrid that takes 26 minutes to Segovia then 15 minutes by car to Quintanar.

If you arrive as a group and want to go strait to Quintanar the night before the shoot, we can easily arrange a small bus to collect you.

Alternatively if you want to come a day or two earlier and stop off in Madrid, then there are fixed-price taxis from Barajas to Central Madrid.  We will then liaise with you to get you from Madrid to Quintanar.

* The price does NOT include:

  • Secretary (spotter)     65€
  • Loader             65€
  • Guns    200€ a pair / day
  • Local hunting license  75€
  • Hunting insurance:     40€
  • Non shooter companion         150€ / day
  • Tips for the game keeper
  • Tips for the house

Your request has been submitted successfully.

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  • TYPES OF HUNTS:Driven Hunts, Free Range/Fair Chase Hunts, Monterias, Over Dogs, Trophy Hunts
  • HUNTING HARDWARE:Rifle, Shotgun
  • HUNTING LAND:Low Fence, Private Lease
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