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Prices for a Multi-Horned Jacob Ram Hunt

Prices to hunt a 4-Horned Jacob Ram on a big game ranch averages between $500 to $2,500, which is considered affordable for an exotic animal hunt. The final total depends on the size of the rack, trophy fee, rifle or bow hunt, number of days, taxidermy fees, quality of accommodations, amenities and services available.

4-Horned Ram hunting season

All year

Hunting Trophy 4-Horned Jacob Sheep

The four horns are all curved, with the top pair starting with a rise and curving flat, while the lower pair curve down and in toward the animals neck. The result is a star-like appearance thats like nothing youve seen before. Both male and female sheep have this distinctive look, and these horns do not shed like antlers with the seasons; instead, the horns constantly grow, making older sheep some of the most beautiful trophies to come out of Texas.

The smaller horns start at 12 inches, but large ones could soar to 30 inches. Often, the different horns are all a slightly different length, with the upper pair tending to be the larger of the two. The sheep also have heavy wool that runs between three and seven inches. Coloring is typically white, but spotted with both brown and black. The male sheep run between 120 pounds and 180 pounds.

Behavior/Social Characteristics

Jacob Four Horned Sheep tend to be loners, or at least pairs, as they are resistant to flocking behaviors. When two males are in the same area, they will often engage in vicious fighting with their horns. The horns can even break during these fights. These are independent, tough animals who have survived on guts and grit.

While they do need to stay near water sources, these sheep are able to live on a light diet that consists mostly of grass. Additionally, their refusal to flock makes it easier for one sheep to survive in an area with little vegetation since the requirements are not as high and overgrazing will not happen as quickly. The sheep live for as long as 15 years, and theyll often breed for the entire year. One of the more interesting characteristics is that twins are very common, so populations can increase quickly.

Native Habitat and Countries

These sheep originated in Syria around 3,000 years ago, but have now spread throughout the world. Related breeds, like the Navajo-Churro, came over with the Spanish and were adapted to the Americas. These sheep are very hearty, able to survive in extreme conditions, with their thick wool offering plenty of protection from the winter. They also resist disease well, helping them survive anywhere.

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