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Cost of a Black Wildebeest Hunt

The average price to hunt a Gnu, or Black Wildebeest, on a game ranch is between $8,500 and $13,000, which is more affordable then one taken on an African Safari – especially if you are transporting the trophy back. The final total depends on the size of the rack, trophy fee, rifle or bow hunt, number of days, taxidermy fees, quality of accommodations, amenities and services available.

Wildebeest Hunting Season

Black Wildebeest are hunted all year, but the best time is from October to April.

Hunting Trophy Black Wildebeest

The Black Wildebeest, also known as the Gnu, is a rare and prized trophy. They are fast runners, and communicate using a variety of visual and vocal communication. Mounted on the wall, they are as majestic and wild looking as their name with horns that curve like hooks as far as 31 inches long above a craggy, muscular body weighing in at nearly 550 pounds.

Physical Characteristics

The Black Wildebeest looks like a close relative of a bovine because it has large, box-shaped head and strong front part of the body. But the have a mane, just like a horse. However, the Wildebeest is actually one of the largest antelopes on earth, and can reach 8 feet in length, 4.5 feet in height and weight up to 600 pounds.

Social Characteristics

Wildebeest live in large herds, composed of animals of both sex and their offspring. Life in herd provides protection against predators. There are three distinct social groups: the female herds, the bachelor herds and the territorial bulls.

Native Countries/Habitat

These wild beasts are originally from East and Southern Africa but they have been in Texas for decades, offering adventuresome hunters a step up from Axis Deer, Fallow Deer, or White-tailed Deer. In the 19th Century they were almost completely exterminated for the value of their hides and meat. However, they have been reintroduced from captive specimen and are now found on nature preserves throughout South Africa. They graze in open grassland, always alert to danger. When feeling endangered, they snort and run away but always look back to keep a wary eye on their enemy.

Trophy Wildebeest Hunts

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