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Prices for Eld’s Deer Hunt

The average price to hunt a Elds Deer on an exotic big game hunting ranch in Texas is between $9,000 to $12,000. The final total depends on the size of the rack, trophy fee, rifle or bow hunt, number of days, taxidermy fees, quality of accommodations, amenities and services available.

Elds Deer Hunting Season

All year.

Hunting Trophy Elds Deer

The antlers on an Elds Deer can reach 39 inches. There are often a tall set in the back that curves forward and upright, along with a much shorter set pointing straight out in the front. The antlers tend to grow more for width than for height.

The Elds deer averages between 275 and 380 lbs., with the males being significantly heavier than the females, so its considered medium sized. They have a rather graceful build, slender body with long, thin legs and incredibly powerful legs.

The Elds Deer has a coat that changes with the seasons. In the summer, a reddish brown color is more common, but it fades to a dusty gray when winter rolls around. The males are darker in color than the females, and they can have some longer, shaggier hair along the back and spine.

Native Habitats and Countries

The Elds Deer is native to Asia, and it can be found in Thailand and India. They have even been spotted in Vietnam. The deer tend to prefer marshy areas where weeds and grasses grow very tall. They use these for cover to hide from predators. They will travel up embankments and hills, where grass can be found. With their love of marshes, water sources are usually close at hand. Along with grass, theyll also eat fruit and even dead vegetation. Therefore, they often seek areas that are heavily overgrown, even if they are not the healthiest areas around.

Behavior/Social Characteristics

The Elds Deer travels in herds, the smallest of which may only have four members. However, large herds could have as many as 50 animals. Often, the size of the herd just depends on the habitat; if the area has plentiful food, big herds will form, but theyll break down into little groups when theres not as much to eat. They prefer the larger herds, though, since theyre quite social and enjoy the company of other deer. While many types of deer have loner males that keep to themselves, the male Elds Deer are more likely to join a herd.

Guided Trophy Elds Deer Hunts

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