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Prices for Fallow Trophy Buck Hunts

The average price to hunt a Fallow Deer on a big game ranch is between $2,500 to $4,500, which is considered affordable for an exotic animal – especially one with such a beautiful coat and unique rack. The final total depends on the size of the rack, trophy fee, rifle or bow hunt, number of days, taxidermy fees, quality of accommodations, amenities and services available.

Hunting Season for Fallow Deer

All year.

Hunting Trophy Fallow Buck

If you’re looking for a new hunting experience, we recommend you try hunting Fallow Deer. Hunters must be careful not to spook them. The deer are quite agile and fast, able to run around 30 miles per hour. If frightened, theyll quickly flee making for an impossible shot.

The antlers on a Fallow Deer can reach 26 inches in length, and they can also have a very impressive inside span of more than 24 inches. These antlers are different than those found on most deer in that they dont stay thin the whole way up, but flare out into wide upper portions with points growing off of them. These sail-like antlers make for an incredible trophy mount and can be found in over 90 Texas counties.

Its meat, Fallow Venison, makes and excellent meal and is considered in Texas as one of the top three best tasting exotic foods to eat – if you can harvest one.

Physical Characteristics

Fallow Deer are medium-sized animals, weighing around 200 pounds and stand about 32 to 48 inches tall when measured at the shoulder. The deer also have short legs that often look too short for their bodies, but these legs are quite powerful, giving them tremendous overall speed.

The Fallows coat is a light brown, almost reddish color like that of a whitetail fawn. It also has white spots scattered across its back and sides. This is true even of mature deer and does not signify a young age, as it does with whitetail. Most deer only last a few months with these spots, but Fallow Deer keep them for life.

A few subspecies of Fallow have white coats and dark eyes that really stand out. When spotted, many people think they are albinos, but theyre actually just rare subspecies not often seen.

Native Habitats and Countries

The Fallow Deer originally came from Asia Minor and the Mediterranean region in Europe. Now, however, it lives in more than 90 counties in Texas. The preferred territory for the Fallow Deer is a forest, and usually one that is at a low altitude. They have also been noted on grasslands, however, as they often feed on grass. This love for grasslands has made it very easy for them to adapt to parts of Africa, where they have flourished.

Behavior/Social Characteristics

Fallow Deer do live in herds. These herds are sometimes small in the wild, but some captive herds have numbered in the hundreds. There is a herd in Ireland, living in Phoenix Park, that reportedly has almost 500 animals.

Guided Fallow Buck Hunts

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