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Cost and Trophy Fees to Hunt Mountain Lions

The cost of a mountain lion / cougar hunt on a game ranch in the Southwest is between is generally between $300 and $1500, which is considered affordable for predator hunt that is so difficult and dangerous. The final total depends on the size of the cougar, rifle or bow hunt, use of dogs, number of days, taxidermy fees, guide fees, quality of accommodations, amenities and services available.

Hunting Trophy Cougar

A mountain lion and a cougar are the same thing. Hunters will often use the same names for these predatory animals, calling them cougars, panthers, mountain lions, catamounts and pumas interchangeably. Because they are dangerous to hunt, they are often hunted in open spaces as much as possible, allowing the hunter to take a long distance shot without having to wade into bushes looking for the animal. They make for an exciting and challenging hunt because their hearing and eyesight are so good, and they can run quickly. When these animals roar, its a very loud and intimidating sound.

These predators are quick and brutal hunters. They can jump about 20 feet, and they’ll often stalk prey or lay in wait and then pounce. They use their claws and teeth in equal measure. Typically, these cats leave humans alone, though they have been known to attack when humans are in their territory.

Physical Characteristics

While the build is similar, the coat of the mountain lion or cougar does tend to be lighter in color. It is often a light tan or brown, and it has white patches on its face and lighter hair on its chest. The underside is also white, and the feet have lighter patches. Both animals have long tails which can be two feet or more in length.

Native Habitat and Countries

These large cats are adaptable, able to live in many different areas, from rain forests to deserts. The mountain lion ranges from the southern Andes, down in South America, all the way through Central and North America, and up to the Canadian Yukon. They’ve been found in swamps, mountains and even out on the wide-open savannas.

Behavior/Social Characteristics

Both animals are very solitary, living on their own. They will not form packs, and the animals will only search each other out when it comes time to mate. They will then go their separate ways again, a pattern the offspring follow when they are old enough.

Both the cougar and the mountain lion will hunt a variety of creatures, such as sheep, birds, reptiles, elk and deer. They’ll even go after domesticated animals, like horses and wool sheep, if they can get to them. Most of the time, they are the apex predators in any given area, but there are a few animals that rank slightly higher. These include the jaguar, the bear, and the gray wolf.

Guided Cougar and Mountain Lion Hunts

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