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Prices for Chinese Water Deer Hunts

The average price to hunt a Chinese Water Deer on a game ranch is between $3500 and $5500, which is considered affordable for an exotic animal – especially one with a rare set of tusks. The final total depends on the size of the tusks, trophy fee, rifle or bow hunt, number of days, taxidermy fees, quality of accommodations, amenities and services available.

Chinese Water Deer Hunting Season

All Year

Hunting Trophy Chinese Water Deer

Chinese Water Deer are extremely good swimmers and runners, and if they feel threatened, they can swim several miles and reach remote areas, making the hunt all the more exciting.

Water Deer are unique, but not large, with a body about 3 feet long and weighing in at around 30 lbs. Their most distinctive features are their long tapered face with round ears, sunken eyes and tusks (or canine teeth) that may be over 3 inches long and look like fangs, giving rise to the nickname “Vampire Deer”.

Behavior/Social Characteristics

These exotic animals like solitude and are highly territorial animals that tend to fight when threatened. If its territory is invaded, the Chinese water deer will emit a harsh warning bark and then a shrill shriek in defense of its territory, with all rival males being attacked on sight. The deer swing their heads down repeatedly in an attempt to wound the neck and shoulder of the rival. These bloody battles result in strips of hair and skin being torn away.

Native Habitat / Countries

Active in the cooler morning and evening, the water deer hides in dense vegetation during the heat of the day. Chinese Water Deer are originally from China and Korea but now thrive in the Texas Hill Country outside of Austin, San Antonio and Kerrville.

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