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Cost and Trophy Fees for a Guided Nilgai Hunt in Texas

The average price to hunt a Nilgai on a big game ranch is between $2500 and $6000, which is considered affordable for an exotic animal – especially one this large. The final total depends on the size of the rack, trophy fee, rifle or bow hunt, number of days, taxidermy fees, quality of accommodations, amenities and services available.

Nilgai Hunting Season

All year

Hunting Free-Range Nilgai

When threatened, the Nilgai will fight. They will hurt and kill other Nilgai, Eland Bulls and even human hunters. The nilgai antelope horns curve forward and run between eight and 11 inches. The horns are typically smooth, but very old males do have ridges or rings close to the base. Each horn is conical and black, and start directly behind the eyes, rising straight up and staying close together.

The adult males youll hunt in Texas have coats that appear bluish grey in color, and have white patches on the cheeks. The edges of the lips also show some white coloring, as does the throat bib. Like the horns, the tail and the ears are black. The throat has the longest hair, hanging down in a thin beard or mane. The underside has a thin white stripe that grows wider toward the rear of the animal.

Physical Characteristics

The nilgai is an Asian antelope, and its the largest animal in that category, weighing between 600 and 800 pounds. They are often compared to oxen in their appearance, with thick bodies that are highest at the shoulder and thin legs. A nilgai has a shoulder height between 3.5 feet and five feet, and it is between 5.5 feet and seven feet long. The animals tail is from 18 to 20 inches in length.

Origin, Native Habitat and Countries

The nilgai is common in northern and central India near scrub forests and farmland. The animal is also found in the south of Nepal and the eastern portions of Pakistan. Nilgai eat almost entirely grass, which is why they look for grasslands and farmland as their native habitat. They also like wet areas and wet weather. This can be tough to find in some parts of Texas, but thrive in the hill country.

Behavior/Social Characteristics

A male is sexually mature when it hits 2.5 years old, and it will then seek out females during the winter months; females are mature at 1.5 years old. After breeding, the females give birth in the Fall.

Guided Nilgai Trophy Buck Hunts

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