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Cost and Trophy Fees for Free-Range and High Fence Roan Hunts

The average price to hunt a Roan antelope on a game ranch is between $16,000 and $25,000 for one of the rarest and most difficult-to-take of all exotic big game animals. The final total depends on the size of the rack, trophy fee, rifle or bow hunt, number of days, taxidermy fees, guide fees, quality of accommodations, amenities and services available. Among the most expensive of all exotic hunts, they arent considered affordable, even by the most avid big game trophy hunters.

Roan Antelope Hunting Season

All year

Hunting Trophy Roan in Texas and Africa

The roan antelope has an impressive set of horns that grow up in the shape of a V and curve slightly back. The average rack is between 24in to 36in, but some trophy Roan horns have been recorded as long as 45. The horns are ringed, and start thick at the base and coming to an end in sharp points. They are a light tan, though some of the thick ridges can be slightly darker than others.

Typically, Roan antelope move about most in the morning and in the late afternoon in evening. If they are spooked, the antelope usually dont run far; instead, theyll sprint a short distance, pause, and then look back toward the danger.

Physical Characteristics

Few antelope are bigger than the roan antelope. They are typically 75 to 94 inches in length, and the tail is 15 to 19 inches beyond that. The males weight can be 534 to 661 pounds, and females are a bit smaller, between 492 and 617 pounds. When measured to the shoulder, the roan antelope stands between 51 and 55 inches tall.

The coat is a reddish brown;called roan;from which the name is derived. The underbellies fade to white, as do the eyebrows and cheeks. The males have dark, almost black faces, though the females are a bit lighter. The roan antelope has a short mane that often stands up, a thin beard, and red nostrils that stand out and make identification easier.

Origin, Native Habitat and Countries

The roan antelope is found in all parts of Africa but the north. It has been seen in both woodlands and in the grasslands and savanna, and it typically stays near the tropical and subtropical grasslands. Tree density in these habitats is varied, with some areas heavily forested and others where trees are few and far between. The roan antelope eats grasses, so it stays in areas with plenty of open food, and it also stays near water at all times.

Behavior/Social Characteristics

The antelope create small harems, where one male is dominant and the females form a herd around him. These small herds usually range between five and 15 animals. When necessary, the roan antelope is not afraid to fight to remain dominant. The two males involved in the fight drop to their knees then battle with their horns.

The males are territorial, and they will defend areas that are from 300 to 500 yards around the herd. Younger males are allowed to stay with the herd for two and a half years, but then are kicked out when they are old enough to become a threat.

Guided Roan Trophy Hunts

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