Cost of a Spanish Goat / Corsican Rams Trophy Hunt

The average cost to hunt Corsican Ram ranges between $800 for a small ram to $4,000 for a record ram, which is considered affordable for an exotic animal – especially one with such a beautiful coat and rack. The final total depends on the size of the rack, trophy fee, rifle or bow hunt, number of days, taxidermy fees, quality of accommodations, amenities and services available.

Corsican Sheep Hunting Season

All year.

Hunting Trophy Spanish Goats

Corsican Sheep / Spanish Goat have very distinctive horns that start out moving straight up, but then twist as they flare out. The largest horns will have multiple twists, and they can reach a length between 20 inches and 39 inches;trophy hunts will usually target those in the 30-39 inch range.

The body type of the ram is stocky and heavy, with a thick neck and legs that appear at times to be undersized. The head is often down and held almost in line with the spine. Rams are said to average between 75 and 200 pounds, but many trophy hunts focus on rams in the 300 pound range.

The Corsican Sheep have a pair of coats, one that is thinner and one of heavy wool that tends to shed. The hair color can range dramatically from black to brown to white, and many will have dark bellies. The mane running down the back of the head and the spine is very wide and thick, and the sheep also have a wispy beard that can be more than six inches in length.

Ecology/Behavior/Social Characteristics

Small herds are the norm for Corsican Sheep. Males will battle for dominance in the herd, especially when they enter rut and it is time to breed with the females. This hierarchy is incredibly important to the sheep. They use their impressive horns to fight each other and prove themselves. In fact, even young rams who are sexually mature are not permitted to seek mates until they have fought and asserted a level of dominance in the herd.

Native Habitat and Countries

Corsican Sheep prefer mountainous regions, often staying in fields and valleys near tree lines. They feed on grass and plants, and many prefer reaching to tear leaves from mid-sized bushes to traditional grazing. They are an ideal fit in the Texas hill country, even though it is a bit lower than they’d find in the mountains of Europe; places like Italy and Switzerland. The Corsican Sheep gets its name from its native island of Corsica.

Trophy Spanish Goat / Corsican Ram Hunts

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